First Annual Celebrity Baby Blog Awards taking category nominations

Update: Again, we are looking for your category suggestions, not for specific babies just yet. There seems to be some confusion in the comments. Thanks!

We are gearing up for our first annual Celebrity Baby Blog Awards and are taking nominations for the categories. Please post suggested categories.

Later, we will ask you to nominate your favorite celebrity parents and kids and then you will have the opportunity to vote. The Awards will take place in early 2007.

Here are a few to get you started. (I’ll try to update the list as the suggestions roll in.)

Favorite baby girl
Favorite baby boy
Favorite toddler girl (1-3)
Favorite toddler boy (1-3)
Favorite girl (4-12)
Favorite boy (4-12)
Favorite teenager (13 and over)
Favorite twins
Favorite siblings
Favorite mom
Favorite dad
Favorite family
Favorite grandparents
Looks most like mom
Looks most like dad
Best dressed baby girl
Best dressed baby boy
Best dressed toddler girl
Best dressed toddler boy
Best pregnancy style
Best baby bump
Most anticipated baby of 2007
Favorite blended family
Sexiest mom
Sexiest dad
Favorite celebrity baby of a celebrity baby
Best name
Most unusual/unique name
Best pregnancy recovery
Mom you most identify with
Dad you would want to be your baby daddy

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