Even though little Apple Martin’s father is a world wide famous musician, Chris Martin from Coldplay, she would much prefer to watch Australian children’s entertainers The Wiggles. Little Apple Blythe Alison Martin’s mom, Gwyneth Paltrow, revealed to AAP in an interview that Apple "doesn’t watch television…although [they were] recently on holiday and it was raining a lot so we rented The Wiggles." The four men in colored t-shirts who make up The Wiggles, are originally from Australia but have expanded their fan base to a world wide scale. Their most recent venture is the setting up of Wiggle Play Centres-the first was opened in Sydney, Australia last week.

Apple apparently now likes television but only about "once every week" when she asks to watch the four men. Gwyneth and husband, Chris will have another Wiggles fan soon enough, when their second child is born in April.

Apparently a large scale of celebrity children have been enjoying the entertainment of The Wiggles. Recently celebrity children, such as Sarah Jessica Parker’s son James Wilke, Kate Hudson’s son Ryder and the Seinfeld children Sascha and Julian have been revealed as fans.

The Wiggles are fathers themselves. Murray (the red wiggle) has two children, Hamish and Georgia. Anthony (the blue wiggle) has two daughters, Lucia Maria Angela and Marie Claire. Greg (the yellow wiggle) also has two children. Jeff (the purple wiggle) doesn’t currently have any children.