Celebrating Celebrity Baby Birthdays - Deacon Phillippe

Happy BirthdayDeacon! You are now 3 years old!

Name: Deacon Phillippe (it is suspected that he has a middle name, like Ava, but it was never released)

Birthday: October 23rd 2003

Famous for:

Being the only son and second child of celebrity couple, actors Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe.


Older sister, Ava Elizabeth Phillippe, 7.

Name meaning:

Named after a distant relative of Ryan’s, Pittsburgh pitcher, Deacon Phillippe (whose real name is not Deacon, but rather a nickname – Reese only found this out after they named Deacon, Deacon).


He has already starred in a movie. His mommy was pregnant with him when she played a pregnant Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair.

What they said:

Deacon’s birth was apparently so anticipated that his sister Ava, was "dreamy" about his arrival.

Deacon apparently has a short temper – on Conan last year Reese told a story about how Deacon threw a truck across the room when she told him she had to leave to go to the show. Ava then told him sternly that "mommy has to go to work, so she can earn money, so you can keep your pillow and your blanket."

He is apparently a real charmer – one day he said to mom, Reese, "o mama, you have such beautiful eyes!!"

He thinks his mom is gorgeous (just like we do) – when she came downstairs ready to go out to an awards show, Deacon exlaimed and said "beautiful dress"!

Deacon asked Reese what his penis was and Reese wasn’t sure how to reply. So in a manly way, Ryan took Deacon into the other room and explained it to him. The next morning, Deacon excitedly told Reese that he has a "pee-pee"!

Ryan taught Deacon to crawl by putting the remote control for the TV in front of him and telling him "come on, Deacon"!

Pictures: (heaps more in the extended post! – including sister, Ava, 7)

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