Celebrity babywearing goes mainstream

It’s not uncommon to see celebrity moms and dads toting their babies in Baby Bjorns in the tabloids but this is the first time we’ve seen attention called to celebrity moms wearing their children in slings!

The September 18th issue of In Touch has a piece called "Celebs sling it" in which the highlight slings worn by Kate Hudson (P-Sling), Brooke Shields, Gwen Stefani (pictured left: Oopa Premium Limited Edition – Ivory with Black Embroidery) and Rachel Weisz. Hip LA boutique Intuition has a special feature on their site spotlighting ring slings and pouches. Though they don’t list brands, they do offer 8 different kinds, including ones very similar to Mamma’s Milk pouches, Oopa Slings and Rockin’ Baby ring slings and pouches ($90 at Intuition, $82 at Rockin’ Baby)

What’s the buzz about? Slings let your infant sleep (or nurse) in anatural fetal position while you go about your normal day, and lettoddlers ride on your hip, like Angelina Jolie‘s daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt and Kate Hudson‘s son Ryder.They’re not just for infants- you can use them from birth until yourchild is about three years old. Babywearing in general is greatbecause slings are easier than a stroller, lighter than lugging acarseat, and faster and less bulky than traditional front carriers.

We’ve been touting babywearing for a long time. It’s about time mainstream media has noticed!

Do you wear your baby? If so, what is your favorite type of carrier?

For more info about babywearing, visit the excellent TheBabyWearer.com.

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