Introducing our new maternity fitness column by Expecting Fitness‘s Birgitta Lauren, pre- and post-natal certified trainer to the stars. Author of Expecting Fitness, among Birgitta’s many clients is Jane Seymour for whom she designed a fitness program while Jane was expecting her twins. Expecting Fitness caters to pregnant women in and around the Los Angeles area but Birgitta is also available for consultation via phone and email.

Exercise is vital post baby whether a celebrity or not, to get your bodyback into shape. Walking while pushing your baby in a stroller is somethingyou can start right away. The exercise will help facilitate your healing anda burn a few extra calories. The fresh air is not just good for mom but aidsthe baby’s complexion and skin.

Start on flat streets, and a couple ofweeks after baby’s delivery, start pushing your stroller up (small) hillsfor tighter legs and glutes. Two weeks post you can also resume some othertoning exercises while strolling your baby, such as squats and lunges for 15repetitions, while holding the stroller. For triceps and chest, stand stillholding the stroller on a little uphill and push the stroller forward up thehill and slowly bring the stroller back to you. Like push ups 15 times.Repeat.

For biceps and upper back, to ease aches from nursing, turn thestroller around and face downhill, stand still and slowly pull the strollertoward you before letting it roll down a little bit. Like rowing. Repeat 15times.

For these exercises, there’s no need to wait 6 weeks. Just like any other major surgery, it’s fine toslowly resume exercise 2 weeks post baby. Or getting back in good shape willbe difficult. Build up slowly, and by the time your baby is 8-10 weeks old,you should be back to normal exercise intensity levels.

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