Today we launch our latest and greatest enterprise, the Celebrity Baby Blog Reviews. It will feature the latest trends in products, fashions and design for hipparents and parents-to-be. This new feature will be the ultimateresource for shoppers seeking the perfect gifts for themselves,pregnant friends and their children. The Reviews will run the gamut ofmaternity, baby and child items from the safest car seat to stylishmaternity clothes to the coolest crafts by small independent designers.

We know from past reader surveys that our readers’ shopping decisionsare influenced by the products celebrities own, but they’ve told usthey are also interested in products we like so the Celebrity BabyBlog Reviews expands on that.

Not every town has a cool baby boutique but everyone who reads oursite can shop online. The Reviews will expose you to the cool products we love and a way for you to get them yourself!

We are currently accepting submissions for Winter 2006 and Spring 2007. For more information, email cbbreviews AT