Molly Ringwald, Marcia Gay Harden and David Duchovny keep it real on raising teenagers

By Eric Todisco
February 08, 2019 04:42 PM

While celebrities may have lives the rest of us can only imagine, it turns out the playing field becomes pretty level when it comes to raising teenagers.

Celebrity parents deal with all the same happy chaos, rebellious moments and drama as everyday moms and dads – even down to the classic debate with their kids as to whether they are “cool parents,” actress Molly Ringwald explained to PEOPLE Now.

“I think I’m a cool mom,” the Breakfast Club actress said. “I think if you talk to my 15-year old, I don’t necessarily know if she would say that.”

However, Ringwald, 50, admitted that her daughter, Mathilda, 15, did in fact give her a high compliment that could qualify her as a “cool mom.”

“She told me that I was born out of a tornado of flowers,” Ringwald said. “Meaning that I am very artistic, that was her way of expressing it.”

The actress is also mom to twins Adele and Roman, 9.

Marcia Gay Harden and son, Hudson

Parents often deal with their teenagers acting rebellious, something actress Marcia Gay Harden is taking on with her children Eulala, 20, and twins Julitta and Hudson, 15.

“I’m not a super restrictive parent,” Harden told PEOPLE Now. “I want them to be free to make their own mistakes, but I do want to guide the mistakes a little bit.”

And for many celebrity parents, they may find themselves being followed by their own teenage children into the acting world, just as actor David Duchovny witnessed when his daughter, West, 19, landed a guest-star role on The X-Files reboot-the show he got the start of his acting career on.

“I saw her do one take, and I was like, she’s fine, I’m leaving,” he told PEOPLE Now. “She’s just such an impressive kid to me-or young adult. I’m sure I just ruined everything!”