By peoplestaff225
Updated July 14, 2007 03:00 PM

Celebrities hit the road frequently with kids in tow and that means stocking up on lots of travels toys and goodies to keep the little tykes occupied. – A Children’s Travel Store, is a favorite for celebrity families on the go. Here are some top picks that celebs have chosen for their children this summer.


Geena Davis picked up a Color and Cuddle Washable Pony ($14.95), an Alex Color Scroller ($13.95) and some books and games for twin sons Kian William and Kaiis Steven, 3, and daughter Alizeh, 6. She also picked up some books and games to entertain her troops. We love this pony that can be decorated and washed and re-decorated again and again.


Johnny Knoxville ordered up a Cuppa Knitting To Go ($21.95) in four color "flavors" for his daughter Madison, 11. These simple scarf kits include everything needed to complete the project. They perch conveniently in a cup holder to keep kids busy in their seats.


Jane Kaczmarek purchased two snuggly no-static cuddly cats from Bla Bla ($32.95) and a Pooki Doll ($25.95) to keep kids Frances, 10, George, 7 1/2, and Mary Louisa, 4 1/2, company.


Laurie Metcalf stocked up on travel games for her brood — Zoe, Will, and Mae, 2 — including Flying Rubberneckers ($15.95), Railroad Rush Hour ($22.95) and eeboo’s Travel Bingo ($11.95).

How do you keep your children entertained when you travel?