Celebrity Baby Hairstyles

From Kingston's curls to Suri's pigtails, see how to get the looks of our favorite little stars. By Danielle Friedland

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Who's Got the Look: Kingston Rossdale, Grier Henchy
About This Style: Cozy Friedman, founder of New York City's Cozy's Cuts for Kids, says, "We're seeing parents (like Gwen Stefani and Brooke Shields) embracing and encouraging waves and curls." This look is easy to wear and style, which makes grooming younger children a breeze.
Other Kids With This Look: Marcia Cross' daughter, Savannah Mahoney, Violet Grohl, Sadie Sandler, Soleil Moon Frye's older daughter, Poet Goldberg, Rachel Weisz's son, Henry Aronofsky, Chris Cornell's daughter, Toni Cornell, Kevin Dillon's daughter, Ava Dillon

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Who's Got the Look: Leni Klum, Matilda Ledger
About This Style: Cozy Friedman says, "The bob is very big this year in all different interpretations – longer, shorter, French, wispy bangs or blunt bangs." She says her stylists receive requests all the time for the French bob which can range from very blunt angles that are stacked in the back to a more feathery cut that has a softer look. The key to any of these bobs, however, is frequent trims to keep the shape.
Other Kids With This Look: Suri Cruise, Claudia Schiffer's daughter, Clementine de Vere Drummond

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Who's Got the Look: Alice Richmond, Ramona Sarsgaard
About This Style: Parents like Tina Fey or Maggie Gyllenhaal wanting to let their kids' hair grow long still need to have it trimmed and shaped to keep it looking neat. Linda Sherwood, senior designer at NYC's James Bentley Salon, thinks Ramona's Page Boy Bob was intended to keep her baby curls in place. She says, "With this type of cut at her age (this is probably one of Ramona's first haircuts), she still has her baby curls. A few more haircuts, though, and she could easily lose her baby curls completely." Meanwhile, Alice has yet to have her first cut.

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Who's Got the Look: Zahara Jolie-Pitt, Johan and Henry Samuel
About This Style: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's eldest daughter, Zahara Jolie-Pitt, is often seen wearing her hair loose or in one or two ponytails. Marley, of Marley's Cuts in Shirley, N.Y., tells us that she wears a natural look with no special treatment. Marley says that natural curls, like the ones Heidi Klum and Seals' sons Johan and Henry also sport, are very neat and easy to manage.
Other Kids With This Look: Ziggy Marley's kids, Judah and Gideon Marley, Jaden Smith

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Who's Got the Look: Maddox and Pax Jolie-Pitt
About This Style: The Jolie-Pitt boys win the prize for funkiest (and most fun!) hair. Maddox popularized the Mohawk, which Cozy Friedman tells us "allows moms to give babies some style by trimming the hair very short while leaving the center a little longer." His little brother Pax rocks a shaggy chic look combined with punky hair color!

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Who's Got the Look: Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise
About This Style: American Baby editor Jessica Hartshorne thinks that parents should explore trends that they themselves enjoy, like the Mommy and Me hairstyles, as seen on Katie and Suri. She says, "Children that are too young to speak have no means of expressing what hairstyles they like, so parents should explore trends that they enjoy."
Other Kids With This Look: Michelle Williams and Matilda Ledger

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Who's Got the Look: Tennyson and Charlie Crowe
About This Style: Rhonda Piraino, of Rhonda Piraino Haircolor amp Design in Dallas, Texas, says the must-have cut for boys this season is the Shaggy Chic style. She told us "many boys are growing their hair a bit and wearing it intentionally messy – it's a very deliberate style. The hair is cut into blended layers with softer lines." She added, "It's a bit more forgiving than shorter cuts because it grows in with a better shape." These styles still require 4-6 week maintenance cuts.
Other Kids With This Look: James Broderick, Kal-el Coppola Cage, Mary-Louise Parker's son, William Parker, Jodie Foster's sons, Charles and Kit Foster

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Who's Got the Look: Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz Beckham
About This Style: Military cuts and super short styles on boys are a reflection of the '80s influence that is now so chic, Linda Sherwood tells us. She adds, "It's no wonder parents are opting for this low-maintenance cut to make it easier on their busy schedules. Super short cuts look their best on round heads like the Beckham boys (who share the same cut as dad David). Parents of children with larger/pointier heads should consider longer styles that frame the face."
Other Kids With This Look: Sharon Stone's son, Laird Stone, Michael Wahlberg, Kelly Rutherford's son, Hermès Giersch, Deacon Phillippe, Corbin Bernsen's son, Finley Bernsen

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Who's Got the Look: Violet Affleck, Suri Cruise
About This Style: Long hair does require a bit of upkeep in terms of brushing and washing, but otherwise it's one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain. Wearing pigtails is the classic little-girl style and is the cutest way to get hair out of their face – as long as they don't pull them out! Denise Kosiakowski of Fringe Salon in Maplewood, N.J., says, "Bangs add an extra-cute touch but require a monthly trim," though that's something most parents can do at home.
Other Kids With This Look: Lola and Sam Sheen, Reece Hamilton, Ruby Maguire, Christy Turlington's daughter, Grace Burns, Kate Beckinsale's daughter, Lily Sheen, Julianne Moore's daughter, Liv Freundlich, Ella Wahlberg, Cindy Crawford's daughter, Kaia Gerber, Coco Arquette

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Carlos Vila/Gardiner Anderson/Bauer Griffin

Who's Got the Look: Ryder Robinson
About This Style: When asked about son Ryder Robinson, actress Kate Hudson knows there's one topic she can count on coming up – his hair. Kate has said that Ryder wants to look like his dad, Chris Robinson, who has flowing locks himself, and that Ryder has had his hair trimmed "incrementally."
Other Kids With This Look: Moses Martin, Cindy Crawford's son, Presley Gerber

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