Spencer! Kaori! Hudson! See Which Celeb Babies Celebrate Their Birthdays in September

Happy birthday, little ones! From Olympia to Spencer, Hudson and Edu, see which celebrity babies and kids are celebrating their big days this month

september birthdays
Photo: Christina haack/instagram
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Olympia Ohanian Jr.

september birthdays
Serena Williams/instagram

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian's daughter Alexis Olympia turned 4 on Sept. 1.

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Eric Decker Jr.

september birthdays
Jessie James Decker/instagram

Eric and Jessie James Decker's son Eric Jr. turned 6 on Sept. 1.

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Kaspyan Millan

september birthdays
Anna Trebunskaya/instagram

Anna Trebunskaya and Nevin Millan's son Kaspyan turned 4 on Sept. 2.

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Iris Biegel

september birthdays
Katie Lee/instagram

Katie Lee and Ryan Biegel's daughter Iris turned 1 on Sept. 2.

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Spencer Kaling

september birthdays
Mindy Kaling/instagram

Mindy Kaling's son Spencer turned 1 on Sept. 3.

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Elizabella Bugliari

september birthdays
Alyssa Milano/instagram

Alyssa Milano and David Bugliari's daughter Elizabella Dylan turned 7 on Sept. 4.

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Layton Schroeder

september birthdays
Jeff Schroeder/instagram

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd celebrated son Layton's 3rd birthday.

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Hudson Anstead

september birthdays
Christina haack/instagram

Christina Haack and Ant Anstead's son Hudson London turned 2 on Sept. 6.

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Rue Shumpert

september birthdays
Teyana Taylor/instagram

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert's daughter Rue Rose turned 1 on Sept. 6.

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Charlie Annable

september birthdays
Odette Annable/instagram

Dave and Odette Annable's daughter Charlie Mae turned 6 on Sept. 7.

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Gameya Griffin

september birthdays
Robert Griffin III/instagram

Robert Griffin III and Grete Šadeiko Griffin's daughter Gameya turned 2 on Sept. 7.

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Edu Baldwin

hilaria baldwin
ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty; hilaria baldwin/ instagram

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin celebrated their son Eduardo "Edu" Pao Lucas's first birthday on Sept. 8.

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Dominic Lopez

september birthdays
Mario Lopez/instagram

Mario Lopez and Courtney Laine Mazza's son Dominic turned 8 on Sept. 9.

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Koah Dyrdek

september birthdays
Rob Dyrdek/instagram

Rob Dyrdek's son Kodah turned 5 on Sept. 9.

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Maverick Phelps

september birthdays
Michael Phelps/instagram

Michael Phelps' son Maverick turned 2 on Sept. 9.

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Sunny Hobby

september birthdays
Michael Hobby/instagram

Michael Hobby and wife Caroline's daughter Sunny turned 2 on Sept. 10.

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Remington Dickerson

september birthdays
Russell Dickerson/instagram

Russell Dickerson and wife Kailey's son Remington Edward turned 1 on Sept. 10.

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Cassius Dwyer

september birthdays
Dom Dwyer/instagram

Dom Dwyer and Sydney Leroux's son Cassius turned 5 on Sept. 10.

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Julian Brewster-Form

september birthdays
Jordana Brewster/instagram

Jordana Brewster and Andrew Form's son Julian turned 8 on Sept. 10.

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Baylor Breault

september birthdays
Christine Lakin/instagram

Christine Lakin and Brandon Breault's son Baylor turned 3 on on Sept. 10.

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Ember Roloff

september birthdays
Audrey Roloff/instagram

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff's daughter Ember Jean turned 4 on Sept. 10.

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Elisabet Gianna Gasol

Pau Gasol- Ellie 
Pau Gasol/Instagram

Pau Gasol's daughter Elisabet Gianna turned 1 on Sept. 10.

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Gia Lopez

september birthdays
Mario Lopez/instagram

Mario Lopez's daughter Gia Francesca turned 11 on Sept. 11.

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Natelia Kershaw

september birthdays
Sammy Kershaw/instagram

Sammy Kershaw's daughter Natelia Mae turned 2 on Sept. 11.

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Navy Williams

september birthdays
AshLee Frazier/instagram

AshLee Frazier's daughter Navy Lee turned 3 on Sept. 11.

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Robert Ammell V

september birthdays
Robbie Amell/instagram

Robbie Ammell and Italia Ricci's son Robert V turned 2 on Sept. 12.

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Leo Baldwin

september birthdays
Hilaria Baldwin/instagram

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin's son Leo turned 5 on Sept. 12.

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Camden Lachey

Nick and Vanessa Lachey - Camden
Nick lachey/ instagram

Nick and Vanessa Lachey's son Camden John turned 9 on Sept. 12.

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Elle Holt

Claire Holt - Elle
Claire Holt/Instagram

Claire Holt's daughter Elle turned 1 on Sept. 12.

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Audriana Giudice

september birthdays
Teresa Giudice/instagram

Teresa and Joe Giudice's daughter Audriana turned 12 on Sept. 14.

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Winter Olsen

september birthdays
Sarah Wright Olsen/instagram

Eric Christian Olsen and wife Sarah Wright Olsen's daughter Winter Story turned 1 on Sept. 15.

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Gibson Johnson

Emily Maynard Johnson - Gibson
Emily Maynard Johnson/ instagram

Emily Maynard Johnson and Tyler Johnson's son Gibson Kyle turned 5 on Sept. 16.

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Brendan Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg - Brendan
Mark Wahlberg/ instagram

Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham's son Brendan turned 13 on Sept. 16.

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Charlotte Hawk

Mina Starsiak Hawk
Mina Starsiak Hawk/ instagram

Mina Starsiak Hawk and Steve Hawk's daughter Charlotte "Charlie" Drew turned 1 on Sept. 16.

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Josey Dorsey

ryan dorsey
Ryan Dorsey/Instagram; Inset: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Ryan Dorsey and late actress Naya Rivera's son Josey turned 6 on Sept. 17.

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Tucker Wilkerson

Melissa Joan Hart - Tucker
Melissa Joan Hart/Instagram

Melissa Joan Hart's son Tucker McFadden turned 9 on Sept. 18.

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Madison Mizanin

The Miz - Madison
The Miz/Instagram

Mike "The Miz" Mizanin's daughter Madison Jade turned 2 on Sept. 20.

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Rellie Dupré

James Dupré - Rellie
James Dupre/Instagram

James Dupré's daughter Rellie Evangeline turned 2 on Sept. 20.

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Valentina Pinault

Salma Hayek - Valentina
Salma Hayek/Instagram

Salma Hayek's daughter Valentina turned 14 on Sept. 21.

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Taylor El Moussa

taylor el moussa
Christina Haack/Instagram

Christina Haack and ex Tarek El Moussa's daughter Taylor Reese turned 11 on Sept. 22.

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Kingston Lourd Rydell

billie lourd son kingston
Billie Lourd/Instagram

Billie Lourd's son Kingston Fisher turned 1 on Sept. 22.

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Theo Hayward

Gordon Hayward / instagram

Gordon Hayward's son Gordon Theodore "Theo" turned 1 on Sept. 23.

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Raegan Nunes

Amanda Nunes / instagram

Amanda Nunes and Nina Ansaroff's daughter Raegan Ann turned 1 on Sept. 24.

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Sovereign Raymond

Usher/ instagram

Usher's daughter Sovereign Bo turned 1 on Sept. 24.

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Atlas Hubbard

Tyler Hubbard/ instagram

Tyler Hubbard's son Atlas Roy turned 1 on Sept. 24.

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Olivia Van Der Beek

James Van Der Beek/ instagram

James and Kimberly Van Der Beek's daughter Olivia turned 11 on Sept. 25.

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Cecilia Cook

Clay Cook / instagram

Clay Cook's daughter Cecilia "Ceci" Ellen turned 1 on Sept. 25.

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Giovanna LaValle

Snooki/ instagram

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's daughter Giovanna Marie turned 7 on Sept. 26.

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Bowie Beech

Shenae Grimes-Beech/ instagram

Shenae Grimes-Beech's daughter Bowie Scarlett turned 3 on Sept. 27.

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Maverick Sterling

Maverick Leonard
Eva Marcille/ instagram

Eva Marcille's son Maverick turned 2 on Sept. 27.

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Noah Green

Brian Austin Green - Noah
Brian Austin Green/ instagram

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox's son Noah Shannon turned 9 on Sept. 27.

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Annie Pasutto

Jillian Harris - Annie
Jillian Harris/ instagram

Jillian Harris and Justin Pasutto's daughter Annie turned 3 on Sept. 28.

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Gio Gardner

Daniella Monet - Gio
Daniella Monet/ instagram

Daniella Monet's son Gio James turned 2 on Sept. 28.

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Kaori Hart

Kevin Hart - Kaori
Kevin Hart/ instagram

Kevin Hart's daughter Kaori Mai turned 1 on Sept. 29.

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Everleigh Williams

AshLee Frazier - Everleigh
AshLee Frazier/ instagram

AshLee Frazier's daughter Everleigh Anne turned 1 on Sept. 29.

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