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Name: Apple Blythe Alison Martin

Birthday: May 14th, 2004

Famous for:

Being the first child of actress and celebrity baby herself, Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin. The couple dated for several years before marrying in December 2003, and welcoming Apple the following May. Chris is said to have rescued Gwyneth from her depression following the death of her father, Bruce Paltrow, a famous director. The song Moses, documents their love and relationship – you can find a live version from a concert where Chris dedicates the song to Gwyneth; "this is a song about falling in love with the most beautiful woman in the world. I hope you like it."

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Name meaning:

Apple is a name that Chris picked. Blythe and Alison are after her maternal and paternal grandmothers respectively. If she was a boy the couple had the name Moses picked out, which they used for their second child. Gwyneth revealed on Oprah, shortly after Apple’s birth that Chris had just liked the name and said that;


Gwyneth’s pregnancy with Moses was revealed in January last year and he arrived in April, just one month shy of Apple’s second . Moses in the child that completes their family; Gwyneth said that they most likely won’t have anymore children.

Birth story:

Gwyneth went through three days of labor with Apple before it ending in a rumored c-section. This is unconfirmed, but she did have one with Moses and this blind item is believed to be about Gwyneth.

What they said:

McDonald’s for the Martin kids?

On motherhood, following Apple’s birth;

How Apple has influence Chris’ music;

Gear and Fashion:

The Martin’s are huge fans of the Bugaboo brand. They have the frog and chameleon, diaper bags and other additional attachments for the strollers.

The kids have both ridden in Primo Viaggo infant car seats.

They use Nature Boy and Girl diapers, as well as Huggies and Dr. Brown’s wide neck bottles.

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Pictures and links:

Introducing Apple Martin – Gwyneth made an agreement with the paps to pose for pictures, while out for a walk with Apple when she was a few weeks old, in return for privacy.