Happy Birthday Mason! You are now 1 year old!!

Name: Mason Walter Wilkinson

Birthday: January 11th 2006

Birth stats: Two days after her due date, Melissa goes in to get induced. After 9 1/2 hoursof labor and over two hours of pushing, docs tell Melissa, "One more push and you’re getting a C-section." Melissa says she was "deathly afraid of a C," so she says, "I push with all my might. It feels like the baby is lodged in my hips." After three hours of pushing, Mason is born, weighing in at 9 pounds and is 20.5" long.

Famous for: Being the first child of Sabrina star Melissa Joan Hart and her husband, Mark Wilkerson – but we’re also featuring him because he’s been a consistent favorite of CBB readers since his birth!

Name meaning: Mason is a name the couple just liked, while Walter is a family member.

Charity work: Mason and Melissa have been to several charity events. This photo is from the Children’s Defense Fund/Soulmate Diamonds event.

What they said:

They didn’t want to know the baby’s sex – at first. "Mark and I had them write down the sex results on the chart [in late August 2005]. [By September 20th], we were starting to get impatient. We drive to the doctor’s office, get the results in an envelope. We go to lunch and take our time to be sure we want to know. There’s a lot of power in that piece of paper! When we get home we sit down on the couch and I open the envelope. It’s a boy!"

Mason’s birth was tough; "He was a little stubborn [coming out], but all is well…Everyone is well and we are all relieved."

Two weeks into it, Melissa said motherhood is the hardest thing she’s ever done. She says, "This has been one of the hardest times of my life. The labor was so difficult, I am only now about to stand and walk up stairs without pain. The bonding, however, has come naturally. As I nurse him, I rub his temple with my pinkie. Now whenever he’s upset, he’s soothed by this temple massage.

I do get a little frustrated with breastfeeding. No one ever told me that it hurts so much – I’m sore all the time – or that the 2-3 hour feedings came around so quickly. People are amazed that we don’t have a nanny. But you know what? I didn’t have a baby to have him raised by somebody else."

He makes the cutest faces; Melissa just "loves the faces [Mason] makes…I could watch him forever."

Melissa says, "Life with Mason changes everyday, except in one way: Every day is always great."

Fashion and Gear:

Mason’s nursery is decked out in gear from Bellini

2005 limited edition Maclaren’s Quest by Kate Spade stroller – this particular one is no longer available, you can however purchase other Maclaren Quest strollers at Babystyle from $225

Pictures: (more in the extended post)