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June 13, 2007 09:00 PM

Name: Coco Riley Arquette

Birthdays: 13th June, 2004

Famous for: Being the much awaited first child of actor couple Courteney Cox-Arquette and David Arquette. The couple went through IVF and several miscarriages before announcing their pregnancy with Coco, when Courteney was almost 5 months along.

Name meaning: Courteney wanted to call her Courteney, after her (obviously) and her mother. However, David’s Jewish religion prefers children not to be named after living relatives, and instead they compromised apparently going with Coco due to the combination of the "co" from "Courteney Cox." Riley is a name the couple liked.

Famous relatives: David is the youngest of five sibling actors; Richmond, Alexis, Rosanna and Patricia. Also, Jennifer Aniston is her godmother.


Click below for her birth story, what David had to say, quotes from Courteney, and many more photos!

Birth story: Coco was born a week early after a night of labor. She weighed in at 8 lbs, 6 oz.

What they said:

David: [Laughs]


David on fatherhood:

Courteney talked of Coco’s love for Ellery Harper, the son of Ben Harper and Laura Dern, last year;

Courteney on wanting lots of kids and the difficult parts of parenting;

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Gear and Fashion:

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