Celebrating Celebrity Baby Birthdays - Ava Phillippe

Happy Birthday Ava Phillippe! You are now 7 years old!

Name: Ava Elizabeth Phillippe

Birthday: 9/9/99

Famous for:

The oldest child, and only daughter (so far!) of actress Reese Witherspoon and her actor husband, Ryan Phillippe. Reese’s pregnancy with Ava triggered her engagement and consequent marriage to Ryan. They are now happily married with two children.

Her name:

Named after Ryan’s grandmother, Eva and his favourite actress Ava Gardiner. Her middle name comes from Reese’s mother, Betty.


Deacon Phillippe, almost 3 years old.

Other famous relatives:

No blood relatives, but Ava’s godfather is actor, Josh Holland, one of Ryan’s closest friends.

What they said:

  • Reese mentioned of Good Morning America that she misses Ava terribly while she is at school, but is enjoying the school activities.
  • Reese said when she was pregnant, that Ava was "dreamy" about Deacon before he was born.
  • On Conan O’Brien Reese explained that Deacon was mad that she had to go to his show and leave him at the hotel. He threw a truck across the room and ‘little mother’, as Reese refers to Ava, sternly said to Deacon; "Deacon, Mommy has to go to work so she can make money so she can pay the bills so you can keep your pillow & your blanket!"
  • When Reese was pregnant with Deacon, Ava insisted that the baby needed cheese snacks, so Reese had to take her to the store to get some.
  • On the Oprah show, Golden Globe Special, Reese says that when she told Ava that she won the award Ava replied that she lost a tooth so she was the first one in her class to do so in March.
  • When Reese and Ryan took Ava to DisneyLand on her last year, the Prince Charming was playing and dancing with her. When they got in the hotel, Reese asked Ava what did she thought of Prince Charming, and she "Oh Momma! He is soooooooooooooo sexy!" Reese asked her if she knew what sexy meant she she replied with "I don’t know, I heard it on tv!"
  • Ryan bought his daughter a Mr. T doll and taught her to say, "I pitty da fool."
  • After picking up Ava from school one day, Ryan was yelling at the car in front of him saying "Come on, move it!" Then when they got home, Reese was in Ava’s way so she echoed her father and said "Come on, move it!"
  • When Reese won the SAG and they explained to Ava that mommy won an award, Ava’s reply was; "That’s because you’re the best mom in the world."
  • Reese was in the car one day with Ava and one of her friends, and the little friend asked why the photographers were taking their pictures, Ava cooly told her "that’s because my mom’s famous."


The Lil’Dipper Essentials Gift Set is loved by mommy, Reese Witherspoon.

What’s next?:

I think pretty much everyone in the world, is hoping for another sibling for Ava (and Deacon).

Pictures: (Click the extended post for heaps more pictures!!)

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