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Happy Birthday Violet Affleck! You are now 1 year old!!!

Name: Violet Anne Affleck

Birthday: December 1st 2005

Famous for: Being the first child of actress, Jennifer Garner (Alias, 13 Going On 30) and actor/director Ben Affleck (Daredevil, Sum of All Fears)

Name meaning: Violet’s first name comes from Jennifer’s grandmother and Anne is Jennifer’s middle name.

Siblings: None. Yet!

What they said:

What change has Violet bought for Ben? "I was a little cavalier before, but having a child makes me think about things differently. The only thing that matters to me is my daughter being able to be proud of her old man." How are Jennifer and Violet? "It’s great. Fabulous. Wonderful. When you have problems in your life, there’s a lot more to say. I love being a father, I love my life, and that’s good."


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Pictures: (heaps more in the extended post)