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Updated May 06, 2008 10:46 AM
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Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 11, and we want to help make it easy on you, and your family. Feel free to email the hubby the link to this article so he can get some GREAT ideas for what to get you. And don’t forget your own mom, or his! Check out what items the we are loving, lusting after, and coveting above all others with our handy Mother’s Day Gift Guide. We’ve got a little something for everyone at every price point.

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Gifts Over $500

Kids do cute things — A lot of cute things. Which is why every momneeds a digital camera. And probably most moms already have them. But adigital SLR? That’s taking digital photography to a new level. It haslong been my dream – as an amateur, amateur photographer (yes, I meantto write it twice – that’s how amateur I am!) to own a fancy-schmancycamera like the Nikon D-40 ($500). Now that I have some pretty cutesubjects at the ready, perhaps it’s time. Quick power-up and a nearlyindiscernible shutter-release time make this a perfect camera forquick-moving subjects (can anyone say "toddler"?). As for the quality ofthe pictures … well, let’s just say if I had one of these cameras, Imight finally get around to getting some printed. And the resultingphotographic collection of my family’s history would be worth all thebouquets of flowers a mom could ever dream of. (Picked by Stephanie)

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with gifts of jewelry on Mother’s Day (hmm … is my husband reading this?). And, an Initial Necklace by Jennifer Meyer ($1375) would be going pretty right, if you ask me. Her jewelry design issimple, yet spectacular, and would add an understated elegance to anyoutfit. A round pendant made of 18K polished yellow gold with a diamondletter in the center. What better way to show the world that you’reproud to be somebody’s mama? It’s the same necklace Nicole Richiewears in honor of daughter Harlow, after all. So what if it costs over one thousand dollars … justmake sure you only have one child. (Guess it’s already too late forme.) Or, while you’re saving for the real deal, you could always takea look on Etsy and see what lovely personalized jewelry creations youfind there to tide you over. (Picked by Stephanie)

I’m still in the lightweight jewelry class — shoot the only diamonds I have are in my engagement ring. But a girl can dream right? And when I dream I dream of the Tali Gilette Mama Necklaces ($2395-$395). The necklaces are stunning, breathtaking and classic simplicity that will capture and melt your heart all at the same time. For a little less than $400 you can get a simple sterling silver version of the necklace but if you’re dreaming big, the diamond encrusted ones are the way to go. (Picked by Danielle)

Gifts $250 – $499

Spend a romantic night away without the kids with your partner at a hotel (in your local area). I love the W Hotel. Anight at this luxury hotel chain costs between $200 and $359. With itscool decor and very comfortable beds (wink, wink), a night away herewill recharge your batteries and definitely give you both that "lovin’feeling". Click here to read the review. They’ve got a "Who’s Your Mommy" promotion for Mother’s Day, which includes: The gift of Bliss’ Youth Group Skincare Kit into a in a pink and blue cosmetic carry-all worth $68, also two glasses of champagne to keep her positively glowing, and lastly, a wonderful room she’ll love. For stays from May 1-31, 2008. Book online or call 877.822.0000 and mention promo code WMY to book this package. (Picked by Nancy)

Somehow my husband ended up with the sedan that has a navi unit, while my SUV is seriously lacking in the turn-by-turn direction department. I mean do they really think the little compass thing on my trip computer does anything for me? I get lost going to the mall on a good day, so I would be really happy to get a Garmin Nuvi 200W GPS ($250) navigation system. The Nuvi 200W features auto-route recalculatio and can allow you to choose between multiple route options. It has a 4.3" screen and a 480×272 screen resolution and can even be a photo viewer. The wide screen allows for a better view of the road ahead and the touch screen controls are super-easy to use. Bottom line, it will get you from Point A to Point B with ease and might even stop your children from asking, "are we there yet?" (Picked by Bronwyn)

The Sony Cybershot T2 ($349) would be a great Mother’s Day gift. It’s the perfect portable little mom camera to keep in your bag. It’s loaded with mom friendly features including red eye reduction, long battery life, a touch screen, internal memory to store all your pictures (no more worries about where you left the memory stick) and my personal favorite feature – the Smile Shutter smile recognition technology. When you use this setting on the camera, it automatically takes a picture the instant the subject smiles. It’s like magic! It also comes in a bunch of cute colors and the SonyStyle store is offering free ground shipping and free gift box with engraving now through May 14th. Read our review of this camera. (Picked by Ciaran)

Like all moms I’m in a time crunch, I barely have time some days to leisurely sip my coffee let alone spit-shine the house. But I also have two, constantly shedding, dogs and a small townhouse that looks like a hurricane blew through some days. This Mother’s Day I’m HOPING and PRAYING for an iRobot Roomba 560 Vacuum Cleaning Robot ($350). There was a time when I poked fun at these robotic inventions, they seemed so silly, but now I get it. How great would it be to have my floors look sparkling clean every day? Some of the features of the Roomba 560 are that it picks up dirt, dust, pet hair and more from carpets and hard floors. It cleans the whole floor, under and around furniture and along wall edges and it can automatically adjust from carpets to hard floors and back again. It even detects dirtier areas and spends more time cleaning them, I’m not sure even my husband can do that! And, of course it automatically senses and avoids stairs and other drop-offs. I promise it will save you time and energy, hey your own hygiene might even benefit from it. (Picked by Bronwyn)

Yes, they’re $250, but guess what? When you’re wearing Fendi’s Love Letter Sunglasses — and I have been hinting like mad for my husband to buy them for me — it justifies the $20 Old Navy sweat pants you wear because you’re not ready to spend money on clothes until you lose all the baby weight. Great sunglasses are transforming. Even if you leave the house looking like a total slob, you still look glamorous, and we moms really really need to feel glamorous sometimes. The other bonus? No need to pack on the concealer quite so heavily. Just don’t take them off! (Picked by Jen)

Call it what you want, but there’s something about a robin’s egg blue box with a white ribbon that makes me happy. I know that everyone and their mom, pun intended, is wearing heart tag charm bracelets these days. But, I wouldn’t be unhappy to unwrap the Tiffany & Co. Mom Heart Lock Charm Bracelet ($255) this Mother’s Day. It would go very nicely with the T & Co. bracelet I already have and the assorted charms I’ve collected on other holidays and occasions. If you’re like me and only need the charm, the Mom Heart Lock Charm can be purchased separately for $125. (Picked by Bronwyn)

Gifts $75 – $249

Since I always have a diaper bag with me, I prefer it to be a gorgeous and durable one. I love Fleurville’s Lexie Tote($165). You can use it as a shoulder tote, stroller bag or messengerstyle. I can fit an astonishing amount of baby and toddler necessitiesinside. I love the two side pockets — I use one pocket for my walletand the other pocket for things I need to get to really quickly. Youcan even take this with you when you are sans kids. It’s just thatcute! Click here to read the review. (Picked by Nancy)

Gift certificates to the spa are probably the most typical Mother’s Day gift ever. And I’m all for typical in this case. There’s nothing wrong with the gift of a relaxing massage and/or spa treatment. Think about it, an hour or so from the house, with someone rubbing the tension out of your back or feet. Does that really sound that bad? We didn’t think so. Get a gift certificate from ($125 covers a standard massage) for the special mom in your life and give her the royal treatment she deserves. SpaFinder gift certificates are accepted at over 4,000 participating spas worldwide, and your recipient can choose their spa after they receive their special gift. (Picked by Bronwyn)

The first thing on my list this year is a Cheese of the Month Club Subscription from This place has the best cheese ever (among other products!) and when you sign up for the service (starting at 3 months for $89.95) they send a delicious assortment from a different country every month. I got my own mother a six-month subscription last year and she still raves about how unique and yummy a gift it was. The treat of taking a night of cooking dinner and sitting down with a glass of red and a cheese plate instead sounds absolutely heavenly. (Picked by Jen)

I am a big, big fan of Le Creusetcookware. I received my first piece of Le Creuset at our wedding in2003 and I’ve added to our collection every year, ever since. Weprefer the cast iron sauce pans and casseroles but Le Creuset offersseveral different varieties of cookware including traditionalstoneware, silicone and enamel on steel. I love our Le Creuset becauseit is so versatile — it can be used on the stovetop, in theoven, and even under the broiler. Also, the heat retention propertiesof the cast iron cookware is amazing — the pieces (which come in afantastic assortment of bold colors!) move effortlessly from the ovento the tabletop, and the food inside will stay hot throughout theduration of the meal. It’s not cheap (the saucepan I’m eyeing for Mothers Dayis on sale at Amazon for $100) but unlike most cookware these pieceswill — literally — last you a lifetime. That’s exactly why LeCreuset offers original owners a lifetime warranty for each piece itmakes, whether it was self-purchased or received as a gift. (Picked by Missy)

What mom wouldn’t want an hour (or more) or T

OTAL relaxation? Massage Envy has locations all over the U.S. and prices for their gift packs start at $75. I tried one location and loved it so much that I decided to get a membership. Going for that 1 or 2 hour massage each month is the best thing since sliced bread. Everyone needs some time to themselves and I’m sure we all have back, neck, etc. pains … especially from those ‘pains in the neck’ we call our kids and husbands — hardy har har. (Picked by Julie)

I already have two Kathy Lo Custom Photo Necklaces ($58), but I still want more! Every time I wear one I get compliments on it and everyone wants to know where I got it from. Not only do I want another, I want to buy some as gifts. I think grandma would LOVE one for Mother’s Day. Even a ‘fur mommy’ would love one with her dog or cat’s photo on it! Dads, get on it! There is NO way any mom wouldn’t absolutely LOVE one of these with your little one(s) on it. Oh and yes, you can get photos on BOTH sides. Ordering is super simple and user friendly. All you do is upload the photo, crop/move it how you want it, pay, and you’re done! (Picked by Julie)

I love Hot Mama Ink’s Fierce Love Baby Sling($76). The tattoo-inspired design on this pouch will show the world howmuch you love your offspring, as you cuddle them close to your heart.This 100% cotton sling is also really comfortable. Christina Aguilera wore their clothes during her pregnancy with baby Max Liron Bratman. Click here to read the review. (Picked by Nancy)

Gifts $1 – $74

Thank You" set from Philosophy ($30), with Amazing Grace and Pure Grace bath/shower gels. Sometimes it feels a little like parenthood is a thankless task. There are days when we are covered with spit up, and don’t have time to even take a shower. But when I get to take some time to myself, the Grace series of products from Philosophy always make me feel good again. Ready to take on the next challenge of motherhood and more. Smelling a lot better too. (Picked by Ciaran)

In the interest of kicking it old school, we are in extreme adoration of Jessie Steele’s Retro Hostess Aprons ($33). There are several reasons this product makes a great gift. The first reason is the retro feel, anyone gifted with it will be transported to their childhood kitchen and the joy they felt helping their mom cook. The second has to do with the beauty of the product, the design, the style, the fit, everything about this apron is amazing! Jessie Steele also makes children’s aprons so that you could even go for a matchy-matchy game. (Picked by Danielle)

This mother’s day I’d like someone to rip for me. In a perfect world I would have time to transfer my entire CD collection to a format that was useful in my car, on my computer and my iPod. But I don’t have the time these days. I’ve even resorted to re-buying music I already own. I would be oh so grateful to the kind person (hint to the hubby!) who packed up my cd’s and sent them off to a service like, PickledProductions ($0.85 per CD), and then handed me my iPod all loaded up with the 300 albums that have been gathering dust in our CD carousel these past three years. (Picked by Ciaran)

I’m a huge fan of Cake Beauty bath and body products. And I think anyone’s mom would be thrilled to receive one of their fabulous manicure and pedicure prep products (say that five times fast!). Gift that special mom with their Cake Walk Triplemint Foot Creme ($16), Milk Made Smoothing Hand & Cuticle Buffer ($18) and the Milk Made Velveteen Hand Creme ($18), and she’ll be feeling pampered and refreshed with one whiff. Each of Cake’s amazing products packs a yummy scent that makes you almost want to taste it, but don’t it’s not THAT kind of lotion! (Picked by Bronwyn)

Three years ago — on my first Mother’s Day as someone’s mama — one of my gifts from my husband was a Subscription to Mothering Magazine ($23). I can’t thank him enough. ‘Mothering’ embodies everything I want to be as a parent. It is overflowing with “philosophical inspiration and practical advice” about attachment parenting, pregnancy, birth, babywearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, healthy eating, and more. Natural family living isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I know, but it’s working for us. And I’m so excited every time my issue arrives in the mailbox. Not only does it mean I’ll have something wonderful to read, but it reminds me of that first Mother’s Day – when I was just learning the ropes – of how far I’ve come and of how much further I still have to go. ‘Mothering’ is also available as a digital subscription so gift-givers can save trees, too. (Picked by Stephanie)

As a nursing mom, I don’t go anywhere without a nursing cover. One of my favorite brands is Bebe Au Lait (AKA Hooter Hider),which retails for $35. It folds up compactly and it really will keepyou "covered". The rigid neckline also allowed moms to peek in on thebaby and make sure she/he is okay. You can even babywear while nursing(I just throw the Bebe Au Lait over the baby carrier). My neighbor got one from her husband for Mother’s Day last year. Click here to read the review. (Picked by Nancy)