Celebrity Moms Who Tandem Breastfed

Talk about multi-tasking! These moms are pulling double duty when it comes to breastfeeding their children 

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Lauren Burnham Luyendyk

lauren luyendyk
Lauren Luyendyk/Instagram

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, the Bachelor alumna — who shares daughter Alessi and twins Lux and Senna with Arie Luyendyk Jr. — shared a photo tandem nursing. She wrote alongside a photo cradling Lux and Senna, "World breastfeeding week🤱🏼 a celebration of one of the hardest things i've ever done. i'm in awe of all the ladies that make it look so effortless & even the ones who don't. you. are. superheroes.⚡️."

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Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

The mom of six has shared photos tandem nursing her two youngest kiddos, son Eduardo "Edu" Pao Lucas, whom she gave birth to in September, and newborn daughter María Lucía Victoria, whom she welcomed via surrogate, announcing her arrival in March 2021.

She wrote of her breastfeeding experience, "Let me tell you something you might already know: breastfeeding two babies is no joke. I'm devouring any liquid I can get my hands on."

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Bekah Martinez

bekah martinez
Bekah Martinez/Instagram

The Bachelor alumna and mother of two announced in June 2021 that she was no longer tandem nursing after weaning her daughter, Ruth Ray De La Luz.

Martinez shared on Instagram, "It's hard to believe I'm writing this, but my tandem nursing and breastfeeding journey with Ruth is officially over. 💔 It's bittersweet. We spent 26 wonderful months of doing 'boobie' together, but it was definitely time. I had gotten to the point where my toes were curling every time she'd latch; I felt extremely annoyed at her whenever she asked to nurse and it just wasn't fair to either of us anymore."

"I'm SO grateful for the DMs that gave me the courage to assert my boundaries and wean with confidence!" she added. "Now, after a week of weaning, we're way past the toughest moments and it's been AMAZING to just cuddle with her without the need to latch!!"

Martinez had been breastfeeding both 2-year-old Ruth and 11-month-old son Franklin James.

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Karla Souza

karla souza
Karla Souza and her kids. Karla Souza/Instagram

In July 2020, the How to Get Away with Murder star got real about tandem nursing her kiddos.

She posted a black-and-white snapshot of herself tandem breastfeeding her newborn son Luka Olivares and daughter Gianna, then 2, and sporting a big smile in the process.

"This pic was taken the day after I gave birth," wrote Souza in the caption. "I'm laughing from both the joy and the excruciating pain of childbirth and postpartum."

She added that her son's delivery was "THE most difficult and painful thing my body has had to go through," but admitted, "it has also made me feel like a freakin' warrior ... ALL women are warriors!"

She joked, "Now here I am, double nursing (not something I was planning on doing), to the sounds of beautiful diaper music 💩."

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Kelly Rutherford

Joe Schildhorn/BFA.

Rutherford opened up about her breastfeeding experience, telling The Bump that she tandem breastfed her children, Helena and Hermés, for a short time.

She said, "The funny thing is everyone says, 'Oh no, you can't get pregnant when you're nursing.' Well, I got pregnant. And then they said, 'Oh, your son won't want to nurse when you're pregnant because the milk changes.' Well, that didn't happen, either — he nursed throughout the entire pregnancy. And then they said, 'When the other child gets there he won't want to nurse because it will be a competition.' But oh no, he still wanted to nurse. So at about 2-and-a-half, I had to wean him because my daughter wasn't getting enough milk. So there was a lot of scheduling."

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Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer
Teresa Palmer/Instagram

The actress — and soon to be mother of four — is a breastfeeding pro, revealing on Instagram in August 2021 that she was on "day 2728 of breastfeeding straight" having nursed since February 2014 when her son was born. She shares sons Bodhi and Forest, and daughter Poet, with husband Mark Webber. The pair announced in February 2021 that they are expecting a fourth child.

She continued, "I nursed him into toddlerhood through the pregnancy of my 2nd son, embarked on a tandem nursing journey for a year. I then continued nursing my 2nd son through the pregnancy of my daughter, in to my second tandem nursing journey. I'm now still nursing my daughter through this pregnancy and will jump in to my third tandem nursing experience in a matter of weeks."

She added, "Some days it's a lot, I'm utterly exhausted and just want my body back, other days I sit in a place of deep gratitude as I cherish and honour this experience with my babes."

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