Celebrity Baby Blog's Top 10 Celebrity Pregnancies of 2006

Here at the Celebrity Baby Blog, we aim to deliver all the information, news and pictures to you. This information is based on the celebrity babies and pregnant moms all our readers love. Here we bring you the Celebrity Baby Blog Top 10 pregnancies of 2006!

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10. Tori Spelling/Dean McDermott
Probably considered one of the most controversial pregnancies of the year. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott began seeing each other while still married to their first spouses. Each split with their partner, and they married in April. As many suspected, a pregnancy announcement soon followed, just a few months after the death of Tori’s father, Aaron Spelling. We love Tori for her weird and wonderful styling during her pregnancy, but we also are constantly wondering how the arrival of the baby will affect the strained relations between Tori and her family, particularly her mother, Candy Spelling. Will the birth of her baby heal the rift?
DUE: March 2007

9. Anna Nicole Smith/Howard K. Stern/Larry Birkhead/?
Whose baby is it anyway? CBB staff and readers seemed to be constantly interested in this pregnancy, especially due to the controversy surrounding who the biological father is. The majority of CBB readers believe that Howard K. Stern is her daddy but Larry Birkhead is her biological father. This pregnancy kept us totally engrossed due to the scandal surrounding not only the parentage of Dannielynn but also the tragic death of her brother Daniel just mere days after her birth. Anna Nicole Smith announced her pregnancy with a video and a subscription to her site was offered. This is the only pregnancy photo we ever saw, due to her being secluded in The Bahamas.
BORN: 7th September 2006

8. Mariska Hargitay/Peter Hermann
Another older celebrity mom, Mariska Hargitay announced her pregnancy when she had just turned 42 and gave birth to son, August Miklos Friedrich Hermann by Cesarean section on June 28th this year. August was the very much wanted child of Mariska and her husband of two years Peter Hermann and Mariska’s joy through her pregnancy shone through. Mariska’s great fashion sense during her pregnancy was undeniable. Further though, at CBB we love her due to the work that she does for charities, particularly hosting the Suave Hot Moms Club Soiree benefiting the Step Up Women’s Network just shy of 4 months postpartum. Mariska, a celebrity baby herself (she’s the daughter of Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay) worked throughout her pregnancy on Law and Order: SVU. During her pregnancy, Mariska hinted at what their child would be named, saying, "It’s unique/European/artsy…but not as extreme as like, Apple." And the result? August! We love it! And her!
BORN: June 28th 2006

7. Maggie Gyllenhaal/Peter Sarsgaard
Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal and boyfriend Peter Sarsgaard announced their engagement and pregnancy early this year. The news was not a great surprise. The couple had been together for four years and seemed to absolutely adore each other. At first Maggie’s pregnancy style was a bit unusual, as she opted to wear leggings, or attempt to wear her normal non-pregnancy clothes. But once she got the hang of it and found her style- wow, Maggie was gorgeous. For the remainder of her pregnancy she glowed. She hung around New York with Peter and went for ice cream with her godmother, Jamie Lee Curtis and brother, Jake Gyllenhaal. She also promoted her movies, including Trust the Man, adding that she planned to take "at least a few months" off after the birth of their first child, daughter Ramona, who they did not find out the sex of until the two weeks early delivery.
BORN: October 3rd 2006

6. Marcia Cross/Tom Mahoney
The celebrity we least expected to become pregnant; let alone with twins. While commenting on married life, just before she announced her pregnancy, Marcia Cross spoke of the reality of becoming pregnant. We love Marcia as she is realistic about becoming pregnant at her age (of 44) and on top of that she always looks cute in natural toned colors that suit her perfectly. We can’t wait to see more of her pregnancy style (including Isabella Oliver’s plum ruffle wrap dress), what she names her bundles of joy and whether they will have red hair or not. Marcia married Tom Mahoney in June and currently stars in Desperate Housewives.
DUE: April 2007

5. Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale
Gwen Stefani‘s pregnancy was characterized by animal print fabrics and long dresses. This mega star, who is married to Gavin Rossdale, kept in touch with her real style by maintaining her platinum hair and bright red lips throughout her pregnancy. And now that little Kingston is here, his style is just as cool as his mommy’s. Gwen has been loved and admired by our readers from the moment she announced her pregnancy last December while on tour, through the birth of Kingston James McGregor Rossdale and to this day, when she is seen out with Kingston. We love Gwen even more for the fact that she seems like a very hands-on mom, babywearing or carrying Kingston with her everywhere, especially considering she is still breastfeeding him (in warmer weather, it’s very apparent that one of Gwen’s favorite maternity/nursing bras is from Agent Provocateur).
BORN: May 26th 2006

  • 4. Heidi Klum/Seal
  • They are THE wholesome family of Hollywood. They are blended in race, languages and talents. Seal‘s heritage includes a father who is Nigerian and a mother who is Afro-Brazilian, while Heidi Klum is German. Leni is also part Italian (her biological father is Heidi’s ex Flavio Briatore). We especially love Heidi’s pregnancy style at the Celebrity Baby Blog. She is often photographed in gorgeous brands such as 1 in the Oven, which she often sported during her pregnancy. Mostly we love her because she can transform herself from a regular mom at the park with her kids, to a gorgeous pregnant supermodel on the runway! While we haven’t seen her since she gave birth to her and Seal’s third child, Johan, she looked amazing after giving birth to Henry, taking to the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret just 8 weeks postpartum. Just like Heidi’s husband, Seal, we think Heidi is at her most beautiful while pregnant. The only question remaining is, when will they have their next baby and when will we get to see Heidi once again radiating beauty via another pregnancy?
  • BORN: November 22nd 2006

3. Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise
The couple started dating, the engagement was announced and then the pregnancy. The world began to wonder, ‘Who is the father of the baby’? The arrival and debut of Suri Cruise left no doubt that her daddy is Tom Cruise. Her mommy Katie Holmes displayed beauty and radiance in probably the most controversial pregnancy in a decade. Katie spent her time shopping and attending sport games. She shopped at Barney’s and bought masses of clothes for the baby with rumors quickly spreading that the baby was to be
a girl. Her debut, on April 18th (the same day as former rival Brooke Shields baby girl Grier) shocked the world due to the length of the pregnancy. The conclusion, however, was that Katie showed early, along with her already outie belly button further popping. At CBB, we loved Katie for the way she was able to rise above the rumors and her ability to make pregnancy look stunning (though perhaps hard in her last weeks when she was HUGE and shopping at Barneys). The world (but mostly the readers of CBB) wait and wonder whether this couple will have another child; perhaps a honeymoon baby, after marrying in Italy on November 18th.
BORN: April 18th 2006

2. Britney Spears/Kevin Federline
She only gave birth to son, Sean Preston, now 15 months, 363 days before she gave birth to her second son, Jayden James on September 12th this year. When Britney Spears first showed signs of a tummy in April while in Hawaii, we thought it was merely a bit of leftover belly from Sean Preston’s pregnancy. However, Britney soon announced she was expecting her second child with husband Kevin Federline. We at CBB loved Britney’s second pregnancy. She looked a lot healthier, gained less weight and was absolutely adorable with her little belly and toting Sean on her hip. She wore cute shorts and most of the time gracefully talked to the paparazzi (often thanking them when she lost her car). On her hip was her constant companion, Sean Preston, who was always dressed in cute clothes, ranging from overalls to little shirts and vests. Britney did however have a tough year. She faced scrutiny after Sean Preston’s high chair incident, then when she almost dropped Sean after tripping in NYC, on top of also driving with her son on her lap in LA. Besides this, we LOVE Britney for her individuality and wish her the best for the future, after her separation/divorce from Kevin Federline.
BORN: September 12th 2006

1. Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt
The pregnancy and collaboration of two of the most beautiful people in the world was announced on January 11th this year. Debuting her bump on the cover of People, taken while in the Dominican Republic, Angelina Jolie glowed as she announced the news that she and Brad Pitt were expecting their first biological child together, just 6 months after adopting baby girl, Zahara, even though they had never come out of the closet as a couple. Throughout her pregnancy, Brad, Angelina, Maddox, now 5 1/2 and Zahara, 23 months, spent time in LA, Washington, France and then finally, Namibia. Much like her normal wardrobe, Angelina’s maternity wardrobe included mostly black pants and tops and sometimes dresses. She flaunted her cute bump in Paris when she took her children to the circus, the park, or out to McDonald’s. On May 27th, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, in Namibia, welcomed what was to be referred to as the ‘golden child’ or most beautiful child in the world, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt.
BORN: May 27th 2006

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