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Looking for some advice on some great baby-buys?  Check out our new series — CBB Registry — where our staff fills you in on their ‘must-have’ baby products.  Fashion, babywearing, strollers, bottles…we cover it all!

Today we’re featuring one of our reviewers, Nancy, and her baby essentials.

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One of our CBB Reviewers, Nancy, definitely knows what she’s talking about with her list of ‘must-haves’!  Not only has she spent hours and hours reviewing products for our reviews section, she is also mom to Ben, 2 ½, and new baby Allegra Jade, 4 ½ months.

Baby K’tan ($58) Allegra lives in the Baby K’tan – which is "a cross between a sling and a more structured front baby carrier."  It should really have its own category, because there are 8 ways you can carry your baby. It looks like two pouches in a cotton fabric with a circle of fabric holding it together. There is also a sash (Baby K’tan calls it the adjustable back support band — and it is not attached), made of the same material.  I love how secure it is and it’s so easy to put on, once you learn the different ways to use it.  (Read the Baby K’tan review)

Bebe Au Lait ($35) – I do not leave home without this Bebe Au Lait nursing cover in my diaper bag.  Allegra loves to nurse when we are at the park and out shopping. I put her in a front, hands-free carrier, throw the Bebe Au Lait cover over and keep on walking. This way I have the privacy, but my little girl is

happy too.  And I can also keep up with her toddler brother!  It folds up compactly and will really keep you ‘covered.’  The rigid neckline also allows me to peek in on her while she’s dining.  (Read the Bebe Au Lait review)

Born Free Bottles (2 for $19; shown at right) – I’m 50% nursing and 50% pumping/supplementing with formula.  I like Born Free bottles because they are BPA-free, have an ergonomic grip, and are less gassy than other bottles I’ve tried.  Which is good when 4-month-old Allegra gets expressed breastmilk (EBM) or formula during her middle-of-the-night feedings (now if she would only go back to sleep!)  I recommend starting with their Newborn Gift Pack (I also use their Microwave Sterilizer ever day).  (Read the Born Free review)

Inglesina Zippy ($349) I love strollers. Singles, doubles…but if I could get only one, the Inglesina Zippy wins the race hands down. You can use it from birth to 45 pounds – get the carrycot if possible. The fold is so easy — you can do it one handed and it will only take a second!  Just push a button and lift up the folding handle.  The hood provides great sun protection — it will go almost all the way down to the bumper bar. I call it my ‘go to’ stroller — I can fit so much on it (and it’s still not tippy!) and it is very portable.  I also love how comfortable it is for Ben and my baby.  Now if they only made a double version of it!  (Read the 2008 models review)

Luna Lullaby’s Baby Nursing Pillow ($65) – Luna Lullaby’s Bosom Baby is my favorite nursing pillow ever!  It came to the hospital with me and has been used all over my apartment. It works for breastfeeding (it will fit every waistline) and when we supplement (my husband has come to love feeding the baby on it too).  I adore the V-shape and the soft cotton velour fabric is very comfortable for both baby and I.  When my little girl spits up on it, I just whisk the slipcover (we have the Big Polka Pink pattern) off and throw it in the washing machine. My father-in-law likes propping it up against his back when he holds the baby on the couch. Coincidentally, my neighbor has bought one too, so I just use hers when we go over to her house!  There is also a portable plastic carry bag, so I just take this with me when we go upstate to visit my in-laws. (Read the Luna Lullaby Baby Nursing Pillow review)

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Skip Hop Pronto Diaper Changing Kit ($30;; shown above-left) – When I am out with the baby and her older brother or we go away for the weekend, I always have my Skip Hop Pronto Diaper Changing Kit. It wipes off easily, you have room to stash diapers, wipes, ointments, those little biodegradable diaper sacks, and hand sanitizer.  I have also stashed my keys and money in the front pocket and run errands with it, leaving my diaper bag at home. Plus, it clips on to your stroller or shopping cart.  (Read the Skip Hop Pronto Diaper Changing Kit review)

Solana Swaddle Wraps ($30) – I don’t see how I could have gotten through the first months of Allegra’s life without Solana’s Swaddle Wraps.  I wish I had them when my toddler was a baby.  Since these blankets are huge and so lightweight, we were able to swaddle Allegra until she was almost four months

old — she slept better and so did we as a sweet result! I also love their new organic swaddle wraps — choose from stretchy or sheer.  The website has detailed swaddling instructions for those clueless parents like me!  Though, to keep our girl calm, we had to learn quickly!  (Read the Solana Swaddle Wraps review)

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