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Updated May 24, 2008 05:00 PM

Looking for some advice on some great baby-buys? Check out our new series — CBB Registry — where our staff fills you in on their ‘must-have’ baby products. Fashion, babywearing, strollers, bottles…we cover it all!

Today we’re featuring one of our writers and reviewers, Missy, and her baby essentials.

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A CBB writer and reviewer, Missy, has had a lot of time to master her "must-have" list with her two boys, Owen, 4, and Sammy, 18 months. She filled us in on the products she has come to love from when she was a new mom dealing with reflux, to the stroller she prefers for her daily jog, and her diaper bag-turned-hand bag for a mom-on-the-go!

Dr. Brown’s bottles (3 for $10) A lifesaver on the reflux front. I tried bottles out the wazoo with Owen (Sam nursed) and these were the best from a spit-up standpoint.

Fisher Price Cradle Swing Aquarium ($100, Owen pictured left) Both boys had reflux and at times it really saved us because they slept better sitting up. They both routinely took their naps in the swing until they were 3-4 months old.

Kelty Speedster ($260, Sammy pictured right) This is a new addition to our stroller arsenal, but I love it. I’ve tested multiple jogging strollers and this one, in my opinion, is by far and away the best. You should invest in a high quality jogging stroller if you are a runner because, as a runner myself, I know that the cheaper models

rarely hold up over time; you’ll have to replace it and then you’ve paid more than you would have had you just splurged on a high quality one from the get-go. (Read the Kelty Speedster review)

Max Daniel Blankets ($56) Sam is so attached to his blankie that I literally have to pry it out of his hands at times. It’s so soft and comforting for him that I wish they made one big enough for me. Plus, it makes a great shower gift.(Read the Max Daniel review.)

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Storksak Emily Diaper Bag ($168) I use this bag all the time when I’m out with my kids — and when the kids stay behind! It fits everything, I love the side zipper pocket for sippy cups, and it is super easy to pull off as a purse. (Read the Storksak Emily Diaper Bag review.)

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