Looking for some advice on some great baby-buys? Check out our new series — CBB Registry — where our staff fills you in on their ‘must-have’ baby products. Fashion, babywearing, strollers, bottles…we cover it all!

Today we’re featuring our Senior Fashion/Gear Contributor, Ciaran, and her baby essentials.

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Ciaran, our Senior Fashion/Gear Contributor, definitely knows what she’s talking about when it comes to her most-loved and useful baby items. Not only is she obsessed with kids fashion (and has her own line!) and gear, but she also has four kids of her own: Marly, 11, Ani, 8, Fox, 3, and Leo, 3 months — plenty of qualifications for having a great list of must-haves, wouldn’t you agree?

Aden and Anais Swaddling Blankets ($44, Leo pictured swaddled below-right) The best way to swaddle and it’s lightweight, soft, breathable fabric that does double duty as a burp rag, a stroller cover, and a nursing cover-up. (Read the Aden and Anais review)

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Adiri Bottles ($13) They’re most like the boob and look cool too! Plus, they’re B.P.A free. (Read the Adiri Natural Nurser review)

All In One Diapers from Blueberry ($23) The easiest and cutest way to get started cloth diapering. (Read the Blueberry diapers review)

Hushamok ($429, Leo pictured sleeping below-left) It travels so well and is essential for soothing fussy/colicky/refluxy babies (i.e. all of


mine!) to sleep. (Read the Hushamok review)

Medela Swing Pump ($150) It’s so lightweight, fast, portable, and easy to use! (Read the Medela Swing review)

Micralite Toro Stroller ($749) It’s so lightweight and fast to fold with a nice high and large bassinet (you want high if you have had a c-section) and it steers with a pinky.

Not Rational Diaper Bag Because after many sleepless nights, you need a fab bag to ward off frumpiness. (Read the Not Rational Diaper Bag review)

Sakura Bloom Ring Slings ($88 – $198) Another way to look fab when you feel exhausted — strap on that baby in a gorgeous silk sling and suddenly you are radiant! (Read the Sakura Bloom review)

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SweetPeace by Graco ($170) Because you have to put the baby down eventually, and when they are


screaming it soothes like no swing ever could.

Spa Baby European Bathtub ($40) We love it because he does (Leo enjoying the tub pictured right)!

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Wubbanub ($10) ‘Cause ordinary pacifiers disappear faster than socks in the wash! Read the Wubbanub review.

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