By peoplestaff225
Updated October 16, 2005 05:24 PM

CBB reader Maria lives in Austin, TX, and emails us a sighting of Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong and his kids, along with Sheryl Crow. She writes:

I live in Austin Tx, and on Sunday Oct 2nd, Lance Armstrongthrew a huge outdoor concert for the city to thankthem for supporting him during his career. His fianceeSheryl Crow was the headliner, of course! Anyway, they were very sweet and loving with eachother on stage and smooched many times.

His threechildren were also there on stage for the whole showand it is very obvious that Luke, Isabella, andGrace adore Sheryl, especially Grace who spent thewhole show next to Sheryl on stage. She was untanglingmicrophone cords, dancing, sitting on the edge of thestage at the front and at one point even grabbed themicrophone and started singing mid song. Sheryl was sopatient and encouraged her to stay up there and joinin the show. Isabella, on the other hand, was very shyand spent most of the time clinging to her dad. Theywere both in their new pink party dresses which theyhad bought earlier in the day, according to Sheryl.They also had a ton of little friends with them.

In Maria’s photos, Gracie is wearing the darker pink dress, while Isabella has the lighter pink on.