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by Stephanie, CBB Reviews Reader

My name is Stephanie and I’m a stroller addict. I’ve had many strollers in the 27 months I’ve had kids (11 to be exact) and I would have more if I didn’t try to practice some sort of self control (and if my stroller budget was larger…)

So when I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I was very excited to look for double strollers. My kids would be 20 months apart, there had to be all sorts of exciting doubles out there! Turns out there are not that many options viable for my needs, but one really hit home: The Mountain Buggy Urban Double. My dear husband offered it to me for Christmas — even he has embraced my love of strollers.

At first glance, the Mountain Buggy Urban Double (MBUD for short) seems huge and utilitarian. A closer look and you discover a well crafted and very polished ride. The MBUD is large, but at 28.5 inches width it fits through a standard doorway, a feat not many double all terrains can claim. It can be used for shopping at the mall and at the grocery store. Being that it is an all terrain stroller, it really shines outside on sidewalks, pavement, gravel, grass or sand. The swivel front wheels help the stroller glide effortlessly and can easily be steered with one hand (or one finger!) The suspension is great, your kids won’t feel the bumps in the terrain at all. If you plan on really hitting a bumpy road or for a fast walker, the front wheels can be very easily locked for safety

The stroller seats are deep, the canopy high enough for fairly large kids although I will say that this could be an area of improvement, my kids are tall and slim and I can see them outgrowing the stroller in headroom before anything else. The MBUD sports a simple single canopy, I think I would prefer a dual canopy for each seat since in most cases you would want to cover up the baby while the toddler prefers the sun, but for those with children the same age, it may not be an issue.

The MBUD will accommodate a newborn since the seats can lay flat but Mountain Buggy offers many great accessories such as a carrycot for the baby and a car seat adapter. The seats adjust easily to countless positions and the seat back is high. Storage is fantastic, a huge basket with many pockets is easily accessible under the stroller.

This is the type of stroller that both mommy and daddy will be happy to use so the adjustable handlebar is a welcomed feature for those of us who aren’t quite as tall as our spouses. The one step fold is simple but the stroller is quite large in folded position, those without a large trunk may be in trouble here. At 35lbs, it is no lightweight but I find it manageable to put it in the car by myself and believe me I’m not weightlifter!

Mountain Buggies are solid, very well made and engineered. A few years back, a nanny was walking a baby in a MBUD (sibling was at school) in New York City when a wall collapsed on them both. The baby escaped unharmed from the accident. That is a testament to the strength of the stroller. The stroller can hold up to 120lbs of children so it’s a purchase that will serve you well for a very long time.

2007 Mountain Buggy Urban Doubles sell for $669 and come in a variety of colors (the chocolate dot is SO yummy!) A designer model retails for $699 with fashion inspired fabrics and an Elite model retails for $789 and adds padded canvas seats and harness straps, a cup holder and a diaper bag.

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