By peoplestaff225
Updated August 21, 2005 05:15 PM

Are you a huge fan of the Celebrity Baby Blog?
Are you up on all the latest celebrity gossip?
Are you an avid reader of gossip blogs and/or celeb magazines?
Are you a good writer?
Are you reliable?

If you answered yes to these questions, then email Danielle about becoming a regular contributor to the Celebrity Baby Blog. We are looking for people to find and write up brief news stories on a regular basis. Before we add you as a contributor, you will need to "audition" by writing a few stories so keep that in mind.

Here’s what you need to do…

Please note- you MUST read and follow all of the below information. Any email that does not follow the below info will not get a response.

  • Start out by writing a few stories and sending them to me. Do not email me unless you have a sample story. We will not respond to emails that say "I want to be a contributor- what should I do?"
  • Make sure we have not already posted the news. This is very important. We have a search function on the site now so you can look up the topic before you write and send anything.
  • Follow the format of the stories that I write. Unless it’s an opinion piece, don’t editorialize. Double check your spelling, punctuation, etc.
  • Submissions must include: Title, original content, source and URL if it’s an online source, issue date if it’s a magazine.
  • You need to find your own stories. Freshest news is typically found on the web. By the time stories hit print media, the news is old hat so if you are using magazines for a source, make extra sure we haven’t already written about that item. Check out magazine and news sites and gossip blogs for new info and then look to see that we haven’t already posted the news. If not, then summarize the story and email to me.
  • Limit topics to celebrity pregnancies and babies. We occasionally post stories on engagements, marriages and break-ups, but not on other celebrity gossip. We leave that to the million other gossip blogs.
  • Now email Danielle.

Please note that there is no financial compensation but you get to be part of the ONLY website dedicated to celebrity babies and their famous parents.