Laura Castle of the Chicago Tribune has written an article titled "Born to be Spoiled," which discusses the trend towards name brand items for babies, and CBB is featured in a paragraph regarding celebrity moms and Bugaboos. It reads, "Celebrity moms including Liv Tyler, Heidi Klum and Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly tote their tots around in Bugaboo Chameleon strollers, a popular pick since its appearance on an episode of "Sex in the City" in 2003, according to"

Amazingly, the article states that Americans spent $29.4 billion dollars on infant and toddler clothes, toys, furniture and accessories in 2005, according to Apparently, says Jelani Mandara, a professor at Northwestern University, parents are willing to spend big bucks on expensive brand name products because it improves their own image. She says, "It’s a status symbol to try and make the parents look good. Designers know that people love to have the name brand right where everyone can see it. They buy nice things and tell everyone about it."

What do you think – do you agree or disagree with Mandara’s statement? How do you decide what to buy for your children – is your decision based on name, quality, price, look, etc?