CBB featured in Associated Press article

CBB is featured in an Associated Press article about the cover of the August issue of BabyTalk magazine, which features a nursing baby. The issue aims to discuss the issue of why women aren’t nursing longer, but the cover has sparked a controversy all its own, with some readers applauding the issue, saying breastfeeding is natural and should be seen as normal, while others say they were disgusted by the issue, as they feel the breast is more sexual in nature and think women should not nurse in public.

CBB was mentioned in regards to the high profile nursing celebrity moms we feature on the site. It reads, "The debate rages at a time when the celebrity-mom phenomenon has made breast-feeding perhaps more public than ever. Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooke Shields, Kate Hudson and Kate Beckinsale are only a few of the stars who’ve talked openly about their nursing experiences.

The celeb factor has even brought a measure of chic to that unsexiest of garments: the nursing bra. Gwen Stefani can be seen on Celebrity Baby Blog, sporting a leopard-print version from lingerie line Agent Provocateur. And fellow moms recognized a white one under Angelina Jolie‘s tank top on the cover of People. (Katie Holmes, meanwhile, suffered a maternity wardrobe malfunction when cameras caught her, nursing bra open and peeking out of her shirt, while on the town with fiance Tom Cruise.)"

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, the Celebrity Baby Blog will be running a raffle for our readers in an effort to raise money for La Leche League International, an organization which helps, supports, and teaches nursing mothers, with prizes to be won including a Baby Jogger stroller. We will also be featuring a gallery of personal nursing photos sent in by Celebrity Baby Blog readers. We hope that you’ll join us in celebrating this very special yet sometimes overlooked aspect of motherhood.

Source: Associated Press via CBS.

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