Suri Cruise to make her official debut in Vanity Fair

We tried to get some more information from our source on the Suri Cruise issue of Vanity Fair but that place is locked up tight like Fort Knox! It’s so insane! You would think they’re printing state secrets instead of baby photos!

According to our source, "the actual press printing the magazine has been roped off and only certain personnel can even get close to it. All of the pages that do not meet the Vanity Fair approval (pages of magazines are approved by a spokesperson from the magazine prior to the job finishing) are being bound in heavy cardboard, and security guards are accompanying the employees to the shredder with them."

Originally posted August 26, 2006:
We will definitely see the first official photos of Suri Cruise in the October issue of Vanity Fair. The photos were taken by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz.

According to our source, a factory in Kentucky is printing the pages of the issue of this magazine this weekend. In order to ensure that no photos are leaked, security guards are positioned throughout the entire factory.

There had been rumors about the photo shoot and the subsequent editing of the photos, including that though Suri looks like both Tom and mom Katie Holmes, is small, required a very long shoot (21 days) and that they required a lot of retouching.

We predict it will sell record numbers. People have a love or hate relationship with Tom Cruise but they are dying to see his baby. I’ve noticed that even people who deny interest in celebrity gossip want to know what’s up with Suri.

Will you buy the magazine? Please note that while we are sure the images will be all over the internet (and probably before the magazine even hit newsstands), we will not be publishing them on CBB due to copyright rules.

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