Update: Nevermind! Apparently, our reader sighting was incorrect – the guys at Project Rungay talked to Laura this morning and she says she hasn’t even left the house all weekend! See their comment below for more information. We apologize for the incorrect information.

However, Laura’s due date was November 15th, so we should hear some news soon.

Originally posted at 12pm: Project Runway contestant Laura Bennett, 43, has given birth to her sixth child – a baby boy. This is her fifth son! No word on name or birth details. He joins older half sister Cleo, 18, from Laura’s first marriage, and brothers Peik, 10, Truman, 7, (who went unnamed until he was named by others at a cocktail party at 3 months old – they called him ‘the baby’ before!), Pierson, 4, and Larson, 3.

A CBB reader spotted Laura in the streets of NYC this morning, and emailed us, saying, "She definitely had the baby! She had a small crowd around her, and the women in the group were all congratulating her."