CBB Sneak Peek: Marcia Cross on Rachael Ray Wednesday

Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross makes a guest appearance on the Rachael Ray Show on Wednesday but the Celebrity Baby Blog got a sneak peak! The actress, and her husband stockbroker Tom Mahoney, who are expecting their twins in April, speaks about her hit primetime show and her battle with migraines since she was 14, but here’s what Marcia had to say about her pregnancy:

She’s Tired:
Marcia admits to being worn out from her full life, including long work days on her show, her marriage, and being pregnant with twins, "I’m tired, I walk in my trailer, I’m putting my feet up or I lay down. Nap time, I’m like ‘Don’t knock on the door!’ It’s like death if you knock on the door. I have to take a nap." She says that this kind of tired is blessed "high class tired" and is better than past tired (stress), when she was unemployed, single and wanting to have children."

Cravings & Eating for Three:
She says that she doesn’t really have any weird cravings and that her desire for icecream is nothing new, "I always want ice cream, who doesn’t always want ice cream."

She also says her and the babies’ appeitite is ferocious and particular, "I’ve had to eat so much. I guess it’s because there’s three heartbeats and 3 you know."

"I never thought… actually I’m tired of eating. I have to eat 24 hours a day. I swear. But it’s not like I’m eating cakes and cookies, they want real food… like protein."

Cutting out the bad stuff:
The actress admits to having drank the occasional glass of wine and loving coffee before she got pregnant, but that she no longer craves the stuff that’s forbidden during her pregnancy and says that it’s a "deeply profond experience" and "it’s like you’re possessed."

"Something else takes over and tells you you need to eat healthy, you need to sleep, you need to pee, and you need to drink water."

Desperate Housewives Babysitter:
An audience member asked Marcia, which Desperate Housewives character she would choose to watch her twins. She chose Felicity Huffman‘s character Lynnette Scavo adding, "Felicity and Mrs. McClusky."

Nisha’s Note: I watched the show myself and must say that Marcia looks stunning, pregnancy definitely agrees with her!

Are you a mom of multiples? Please share your pregnancy experience. If you had other pregnancies before or after the multiples pregnancy, how much harder was it?

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