CBB Exclusive: Moxie CrimeFighter and her baby brother Zolten

Here are the latest photos of Penn Jillette and his wife Emily’s kids. Big sister Moxie CrimeFighter just celebrated her first in June. Baby brother Zolten will be 2 months old on July 22nd.

For those wondering about Zolten’s name, Penn has this to say, "Zolten is a common Hungarian name, it’s my wife’s maiden name and most importantly, it’s the name of Dracula’s dog."

Penn & Tellers Showtime show Bullshit was just nominated for three Emmy’s (Outstanding Reality Program, Outstanding Writing/Non- fiction, and Outstanding Editing)! I love the show. They say the things that the rest of us (well, the lefty pinko commie Democrats/Libertarians) are thinking. Penn also hosts a daily radio show that you can listen to online or download the podcasts. This in addition to Penn & Teller’s nightly show at the Rio in Las Vegas, his article in July’s Playboy, and many other projects, including daddy. The man wears many a hat!

For more photos, click the Extended post.

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