Another Wiggle baby on the way

Update: Anthony posts on the Official Wiggles Message Board confirming the news, just a few hours ago. He wasn’t really suppose to let it slip at the show but posted this on the board; "I was so happy yesterday and emotional after hearing the great news from home (and not being able to hug Miki about it) so i was in a bit of a daze,and when [someone] mentioned our little baby [Maria], i just blurted it out!. It is fantastic news and i just cant keep a secret!."

Australian children’s entertainer Anthony Field, 40, (The Blue Wiggle) is apparently expecting another child with his wife, Michaela. The news comes from a poster on the official Wiggles Message Board who said Anthony announced the news to her at their latest US show. Anthony and Michaela have two daughters, Lucia, 2, and Maria, 10 months. No word on a due date or sex yet.

Thanks to CBB reader Jennifer for the information.

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