CBB Exclusive: Mariska Hargitay on motherhood and her work with JOHNSON's Baby

CBB recently got the chance to talk with Law & Order: SVU‘s Mariska Hargitay about being a mom to August Miklos Friedrich Hermann, 20 months old, andher work with JOHNSON’S Baby. As part of a new campaign, JOHNSON’S Baby is celebrating their iconic Pink Lotion with three cartoon shorts that focus on the importance of a mother’s touch (baby massage, etc.).


Mariska had the opportunity to play the voice of the baby in the webisodes. See what her most surprising moment since becoming a mother was and how she summoned the voice of the "baby" in our interview below.

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What are some of your favorite children’s books?

Welove the classics. Maurice Sendak’s "Where the Wild Things Are" isfantastic. We also love anything by Eric Carle, like "The Very HungryCaterpillar."  All the Babar stories are also great.

Danielle’sdaughter Anya didn’t initially love massages but she’s warmed up tothem so much, she gets excited and squeals, "Rubbies!" after her bath.Do you have any tips for introducing massages into the daily and/orbath routine that worked with August?

It soundslike you figured it out perfectly. Rubbies — that’s great! I think thatif you introduce something new to your child, like massage, with lotsof love and let them make their choices, you’ll be fine. If they don’tlike it right away, don’t get too attached to results. If you thinkmassage is great and if your child sees and feels the love and joy youbring to it, they’ll love it too.

What has been your most surprising moment since becoming a mom?

Well,one very surprising moment was when I found out that a detective from [Law & Order:]SVU was going to be doing the voice of a precocious infant for Johnson& Johnson! Honestly, the surprises are too many to name. And everyday brings new ones. Especially once your child starts learning how totalk. Those first experiments with language are just spectacular.


What was it like recording your voice for the animation? Did it take abunch of times to nail the voice just right? Were there any memorableouttakes?

Ithink I had the character of this baby in me for a while. My friendsand I sit around and do voices, and that was one that always came outof me. So I’m very happy that little voice finally had a moment toshine! Some takes were right on the first time, and others took alittle tweaking. All in all, it was a great experience and a lot offun.


What is it about the JOHNSON’S Baby Pink Lotion scent that you like?

I think if the feeling of “cozy” had a smell, JOHNSON’S Baby Pink Lotion would be it.

Mariska’s work as the voice of the baby in the JOHNSON’S baby webisodes will be available to watch on touchingbond.com, and the first debuts today, February 13.

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