CBB reader's reactions to Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy news

From the time the news broke on Tuesday night, CBB was inundated with people looking for information on Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy. The number of visitors to the site jumped 17% in the five hours following the announcement.

Very few people actually rejoice when a 16 year old gets pregnant so it’s no surprise that the backlash to Jamie Lynn Spears’ announcing that she is expecting has been primarily negative. For the most part, Celebrity Baby Blog readers seem to think it’s a mistake for 16 year olds to become parents (remember Keisha Castle-Hughes?), but many admire her for not hiding it.

The truth of the matter is that the United States’ teen pregnancy rates are still staggering. According to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, 31% of young women become pregnant at least once before they reach the age of 20 — about 750,000 a year. Eight in ten of these pregnancies are unintended and 81% are to unmarried teens. And while the numbers of teen pregnancies had been on the decline, CNN reports that they have started to rise back up, for the first time in 14 years, statistics show a 3% increase in teens having babies.

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In response to the announcement, we posted an article with advice on how parents of Jamie Lynn’s fans can talk to their children and the response was overwhelming. Some people were supportive of Jamie Lynn’s situation,

I think Jamie Lynn is doing a great thing. She isn’t hiding it, she isn’t lying to anyone, or to her fans, she is being completely honest about it. I respect her for it, and I respect a lot of teenage mums out there.
It’s a hard job, but who said that a teenager is less equipped to deal with that?


I think Jamie could also be a very effectual influence. She acknowledged her surprise and let it out there that the pregnancy was an accident. Her fans are going to see what can happen if they are not careful . . . and also how different your life becomes after a baby.

I don’t have a problem with her being pregnant. I just really feel sorry that she’s going to lose those years when you get to be selfish and wild and crazy and it’s all OK. I missed those years myself as a teen mom, and honestly – I’m still not totally over it, and I’m almost 30 now.

I’m sure Jamie Lynn isn’t the first star to get pregnant in her teenage years. I think it’s great that she is taking responsibility for her actions. It happens, it’s not the end of the world but it is definitely a hard road. I wish her the best of luck.

I don’t understand why people are so upset with Jamie Lynn. This is Jamie Lynn and Casey’s issue to deal with, not our personal issue to handle. I can see being upset with her pregnancy if Nickelodeon made her Zoey 101 character pregnant, but they didn’t. And I’m sure they don’t plan on writing this into the script any time soon. The thing is, have your children understand that there is line between the character the actor is playing and the actor herself. So many people (and children especially) idolize celebrities when the reality is they are idolizing a character that the actor portrays.

Others had a slightly different take,

As a mother who had a child four months after her 16th birthday, let me tell you that that poor child (child being Jamie Lynn) is in for one hell of a ride; though I’m sure it will be a bit different for her being under the eye of the media and her sister being who she is.

I think it’s also important to explain to children that Jamie Lynn is really in a different boat too, because she has resources that typical teens do not have. If we explain what a difficult road it is, but then see Jamie Lynn still looking glam and going to functions etc. it won’t look so hard…

I think the problem is that no one will see how difficult it will be for Jamie-Lynn because that part will be hidden. She will have parents to get up at night and help her out or nannies she can hire (because she has money) so she can go out and party like a regular teenager. So the really difficult and struggling part of teen pregnancy I think will be missed on most young fans. They will just never see her struggle.

The larger conversation this has stirred up has been when it’s time to have "the talk" with our children and what exactly we should say and do to help prevent an unplanned pregnancy in our families. Many readers whose children are fans of Jamie Lynn’s show, ‘Zoey 101," are concerned how their kids will interpret the news and are worried that they’ll have to have the sex talk earlier than they planned.

I’m just praying my daughter doesn’t hear about this from anyone at school. She’s 8 and she loves Zoey 101. I’ve not had the talk with her yet, and I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do it at 8 years old.

My daughter is 2 and while I don’t have to worry about having the "talk" with her right now, the truth is I never will. We live in an age where preschoolers are comparing their genitalia and the reality is that open communication needs to be ongoing and from the jump; not some antsy conversation when her menses start.

DD (8, 3rd grade) came home from school today and didn’t say anything about it. I’m guessing it hasn’t made it’s rounds in her classroom yet. I’m sure it will though, so I’m going to make sure I’m prepared.

I really think it’s important that those with teens closer to JL’s age provide their son or daughter with information on how to have safer sex, not just how to abstain. the average teenager becomes sexually active between 15 and 17, so JL is definitely not alone out there. perhaps situations like these could be avoided if more information were out there.

I have two teenagers, a 17 year old daughter, and 14 year old son. I’ve never sat them down and had a "talk"- it’s been an ONGOING conversation in my home … I am not embarrassed to talk to my kids about sex, about relationships, about what is truly out there, because I’d rather do that then have to be a grandmother at a young age.

I think that maybe a better idea than trying to push a no-sex idea on teens is to push a safe-sex idea, this will go on when they are older and can help to prevent some stds and pregnancy. Sex will be inevitable for a lot of teens and young adults, if you teach them when they are younger then they will have a better chance when they are older of taking your advice.

CBB readers come from all walks of life and bring lots of life experience and opinions with them. We are just glad we gave them a place to let it all out.

Thank you for giving everyone a forum to discuss how to talk with their children about this. I think on a lot of websites today people are trashing the Spears family without any regard for them and without any thought about how this will impact all her young fans. Thanks CBB.

First off: I just want to say what a great post by the CBB team here. When many other sites are just ragging on Jamie Lynn you are the first to actually offer something like this. I think it’s great and just reinforces how great I think this place is.

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