CBB reader spots Spice Girl's children on stage in Chicago


CBB reader Colleen was at the Spice Girls concert in Chicago last night and was lucky enough to spot the children of the Spice Girls up on stage with their moms. Here is Colleen’s experience:

Last night I was at the Chicago Spice Girls concert at the United Center. At the beginning of Mama the girls seemed pretty emotional.

I was paying attention to the slide show that plays during the song. It’s a mixture of photos of the Spice Girls as kids, Spice Girls with their moms, and the Spice Girls’ own children. I was paying pretty close attention to the slide show when my sister nudged me and said "Look, her baby"; Emma [Bunton] had brought Beau on stage. I thought we were lucky to see just him when next thing I know Victoria [Beckham]is helping Cruz up on the stage. I thought that was all the Spice Babies we’d get to see but soon Romeo joined his mom and Brooklyn came up last. Victoria was sort of emotional and the kids gave her hugs.

Soon Melanie [Brown] had Angel too. At one point she slipped her headphones off and Mel had to pick them up. Phoenix and Bluebell were not on stage. As they walked off stage Geri held hands with Romeo, who held hands with Brooklyn. At one point Brooklyn bent down to whisper something to Romeo, then put his arm around him.

They stopped at the end of the stage to finish the song. Brooklyn gave his mom a hug. Cruz seemed happiest to be on stage followed by Brooklyn who couldn’t stop smiling. I didn’t see any of the Spice dads. In one photo it looks like it could be David lifting Romeo up to his mom, but I can’t tell.

The Spice Girls have seven children between the five of them (Mel C is the only one without a child). Geri Halliwell has daughter Bluebell Madonna, 21 months, Victoria Beckham has Brooklyn Joseph, 8 ½, Romeo James, 5, and Cruz David, 3 next week, Melanie Brown has Phoenix Chi, 8 ½, and Angel Iris, 10 months, and Emma Bunton has Beau Lee, 6 months.

The Spice kids were spotted on stage in London in December.


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