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Updated July 17, 2007 02:20 PM

CBB Exclusive update: Trista Sutter has read your comments on her baby shower post, and would like to address the c-section quotation that has caused a debate among CBB readers, stressing that she did not say she will be having a cesarean — simply that her doctor has prepared her for it being a possibility due to the factors Trista outlines below.

Trista tells us,

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Originally posted June 28th: Friends and family, including mother-in-law Barb Sutter, threw reality star and expectant mom Trista Sutter a baby shower on June 16 in Beaver Creek, CO, where she and husband Ryan reside. Trista received lots of baby clothes, including outfits from A Pea in the Pod,and supplies for her first child due, she says, on August 23, and sheis all ready for the arrival (she and Ryan are not finding out the sex).

One thing Trista hasn’t done, though, is much clothes shopping.

As she’s previously revealed,her favorite part of being pregnant is feeling the baby kick andTrista, who’s also experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions, is gettinga lot of those these days.

One of the main reasons she doesn’t mind? She’s happy to be expecting at all.

As for coming up with a specific birthing plan and choosing herpreferences for her delivery, Trista says she’s not concerned, becauseshe thinks she may have to have a surgical birth anyway.

Source: Us Weekly, July 9 issue, pg 24-25


Trista wears an embroidered dress by Lily Pulitzer ($295).


Here, Trista opens an EIEIO Cow Clothing set by Mud-Pie Baby ($25; available in horse set also). The brightly colored tank tops are from Hot Moms Club ($24). Additionally, the baby rain boots she’s shown holding in a previous photo are from Gap, but are no longer available.