CBB Exclusive: Chantal Kreviazuk's pregnancy column: An uncomfortable pregnant lady, an unsure sibling and more babies

In her fourth column, Canadian chanteuse Chantal Kreviazuk, 34, who is expecting her third son with hubby Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace on July 15th, chats about being the uncomfortable, yet grateful expectant mom, her eldest son still being unsure about the baby and having another baby (before this one has even arrived!). The LA-based singer/songwriter is also mom to Rowan Michael, 4, and Lucca Jon, 2 ½.


I am so ready to put on a pair of skinny jeans, wax my bikiniline and wear shoes that require that I bend and lace. I’m ready to RUNnot waddle.We’re back HERE! At this point in pregnancy, things truly aregetting a little slow and uncomfortable.I remember after I had Lucca, just feeling that feeling of there NOTbeing a kid in my person.I am kind of craving that feeling again now.

I have to pee 40 times a night, and I am only at 31 weeks! I amdoing my very best to NOT complain about any aspect of pregnancy,always having at the forefront of my mind that I am so so blessed tohave another little dude in my belly, and the fact that I could behaving another one right away. (I have a fantasy of having a whopping 4child family!) Best not to complain about being pregnant if I am goingto jump right back in!

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In fact, I am being pretty regimented and serious about my health plan on this baby, so that I don’t let myself go too much, in the case that I really do get pregnant quickly again.I am eating a ton of salad, eggs, cereal — really did stick to going off the coffee for the whole pregnancy, which I am SO proud of … It is a little overcompensation gift to self. I think coffee makes me feel shitty when I am NOT pregnant, so going off it brings me back to a feeling of health that I am slightly short of generally, and then throw in all of the little discomforts of pregnancy, and it all evens out? Yah, that sounds a little silly, but in my head it works. I swear I do feel generally better, more even natured off all of the caffeine.

My Pilates continues to keep me strong and confident! I have been walking the dogs in the canyon, and swimming quite a bit with the boys, especially since we just had a whack of great weather in Southern California.


The boys are WAY into the baby coming. They talk about the baby at the most random of times, incorporating the baby into all aspects of conversation and planning for the future. Raine and I think that Ro is a bit nervous about the baby coming, and perhaps is not processing it completely. He has developed a couple of "habits," if you will. He might just really be into his drumming, and that is probably all that it is, but he starts "drumming" when he gets up in the morning, and doesn’t stop until he goes to sleep. He keeps rhythms with his mouth, making all these repetitive sounds, and with his hands, he creates drum kits out of everything and anything — from his own head and face, to the table and chairs, the car seat, whatever. He is not really any different otherwise, he just seems to have all this nervous energy.

I cannot even imagine what that feels like — to be 4 years old, andknow that your mommy is going to go through a pretty intense experience(as I have mentioned in past columns, he would like the doctor to takeall of the blood and junk off of the baby before he comes in to meethim), and reconcile with the fact that there is going to be a NEW boyliving in your house, taking away from your space and attention and allof that. Poor little guy.

It has been fun watching everyone be able to connect with the baby more as he is gotten so big, and his movements are so prevalent! The most fun was last night when Raine and I were lying in bed and the little bun in the oven had the hiccups and Raine got to feel him. The baby was a bit uncomfy as well, I think from the hiccups so he was fidgeting like crazy. Raine felt bad for him for having the hiccups. I felt bad for me. He was kicking me in the hip quite a bit! He seems to like kicking at me in the hip.


As far as personalities go, Rowan is a bit more of a thinker, more serious. Lucca is definitely very conscious, but not as intense, and I think he is just a little more ok with everything. He rolls a bit more, so I am not as worried about him. Overall, I am really thrilled about the idea of three boys. I feel I am giving the most amazing gift to these guys — they will have each other forever. Of course, I am not taking for granted the gift it will be to Raine and I. Everyday is so magical with these little dudes, and I feel just blown away that there is now more to come. Wow.

I am in FULL nesting mode. I have been on the Posh Tots site almost everyday for a month (great options for nursery/baby needs), and it has been so awesome to get pampered by all sorts of friends and family — from my mom sending a new hat and booties, to Hatch Maternity and Isabella Oliver sending me the latest maternity fashions. I have felt a ton of support (lest we forget Bravado maternity bras!!!) from everyone helping me to feel as comfy and prepared for baby as possible.

My dear neighbor is planning, along with a very close friend, a baby shower for the newborn. I am really excited about this shower because I think that it is an important part of the transition into embracing a new child. Lucca was born so soon after Ro. A lot of people in my community didn’t really even know I was pregnant! In keeping with the attention I have been pouring on the loss of my grandmother, I would like to have the theme be donations to Villa Rosa. Specifically, I would like to get the girls there as many slings as possible as a tribute to my late grandmother. She passed away on the 27th of March this year.

I have gained a GOOD 20 lbs! I think mostly in my boobs, but hey, I guess this baby will be well fed and loved and comforted and that is all that matters.

Love and joy to all those pregnant, trying to be so, and to all the new babies.

xo Chantal


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