CBB Exclusive: Melissa Joan Hart's final pregnancy journal

Together with actress Melissa Joan Hart, 31, we bring you the final installment of her pregnancy column.

Melissa is now in her 39th week of pregnancy. Click below for the last entry, including outtake images from our exclusive photoshoot!


So we are really in the home stretch now! We had a crack-of-dawn doctor’s appointment to check the baby’s size and head to make sure this labor would be a bit smoother than the last one. All is in place and ready to go! So far this baby is totally average size, which makes me relieved and yet nervous at the same time.

If Mason is so perfect in my eyes with his health, strength, looks and brains, then if this one is smaller than he was (9 lbs), will it be very different from him? I always imagined all my kids looking alike and being similar in personality, and it has started to hit me that they will be very different in all sorts of ways.

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I started reading books like Raising Siblings and Baby Makes Four: Welcoming a Second Child Into the Family ($11), trying to prepare myself for the double duty life I am about to lead. Mark is leaving on tour April 1st for who knows how long, and I am scared to death of being home with an infant and a 2 year old.


I am well aware that I am not the first person to have more than one baby— I mean, there are eight in my immediate family! — but at the sametime, I am so lost in a world that is hurtling toward me faster than Ican blink. I know I will figure it out when it comes down to it, butmeanwhile I am just trying to get a leg up before the day comes that Ibring the bean home.


Right now I have every stuffed animal in the wash and I have sterilized just about everything I can think of.Mark and I even shook out the curtains the other day to rid the houseof any unnecessary dust! We have ordered a duct purifier to clean theair we are breathing and have wiped down every door handle and lightswitch.

Am I paranoid? Yes! But I know once we get home from thehospital this will be the last thing I will have time for. And I feel alittle relief knowing it is done!


Meanwhile I am missing my ‘work life.’ I have been busily preparing to head back to work the second the baby pops out, as if that is what I am really gonna want to do.Funny that my two main projects work well with my lifestyle right now.

I am preparing to do an online show about scrapbooking and assist in bringing newcomers to the hobby by helping them pursue it through the use of the internet. I will be creating my own line ofscrapbook products for the modern woman who loves to make memories likeme! Here I am at my dining room table with Mason’s scrapbook, surrounded by my supplies!


My other project is directing an independent film about a prima ballerina who wants to make a comeback after having a baby. For now, it’s titled Tiny Dancer.As many of us can relate to, I believe this movie is extremely currentas our generation was told we should take care of ourselves, get goodcareers, make money and be independent, then we can have familieslater. Well, as we know, it is difficult — if not impossible — to doboth well.


I know as a career woman I am completely torn between giving myfamily all my attention and getting back to the job that makes me feel important. I really applaud those women who have done both andchoose to be at home raising their families. I know how truly blessed Iam to have a career where I can do my job for a month or two, and thenhave the time between to be with my family. I bow at the feet of thecareer mom who has a 9-to-5 job every day of the week, but the mom whochooses to stay at home and be the caregiver — like my sister Liz –is my idol!

Well, that’s all for now. I will keep you posted on the baby news. I’ll be sure to let you know the sex, name, size and some of thedetails of the labor as soon as the little angel arrives! God Bless!



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