CBB Exclusive: Chantal Kreviazuk's pregnancy column: The boys, the baby and the emotional mama-to-be!

This column is sponsored by Hold*Me Baby Slings, who is providing Chantal — a huge babywearing fan — now 26 weeks along, with slings for her new son. They are sending duplicate products to her favorite outreach program, Villa Rosa. In her third column,Canadian chanteuse Chantal Kreviazuk, 34, who is expecting her third son with hubby Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace on July 15th, chats about the demands of a pregnant mother and wife, her new son consuming her life in every possible (fabulous) way, taking her older sons to the ultrasound, and baby names. The LA-based singer/songwriter is also mom to Rowan Michael, 4, and Lucca Jon, 2 ½.


I am now at that point in pregnancy where I am almost exclusively this child's baby mama. All other Chantal roles are on sabbatical. I am consumed with him, both physically and emotionally.

I dream about him at night and worry that he will come out too early, because my other two came out two and three weeks preterm. Rowan arriving two weeks earlier at 7 lbs, 6 oz was not so bad, but Lucca coming out at 6 lbs 10 oz [was scary].

I had this moment, when I saw him — I just thought something was wrong because he was SO gangly. Perhaps that remained in my sub-conscience all this time, and has been festering because now it is manifesting as a bit of a nightmare.

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I know we'll be fine. The baby seems to be buzzing around inside me as I drift off to sleep, and he seems to be my alarm clock in the morning, I have him and his safety at the forefront of my mind constantly. I can feel the transition into a far more primal mode happening.

I am more emotional, crying VERY easily. I cried today watching an episode of that show What Not To Wear — I thought that the makeover people were just so mean to the beautiful, sweet girl who worked at the American Kennel Club. So what if she didn't want to "stand out" and want to wear clothes that wouldn't outshine the dogs she was showing? She is humble and so innocent — LEAVE HER THE &$%@ alone!!!! I had to turn the show off. DON'T even get me started on war and local/national news stories — 4000 American Soldiers dead in Iraq, a hundred thousand civilians (plus), a man who took the lives of his beautiful wife and children before his own.

I have these moments where my apparently evolved, internal thermostat for processing such realities is simply blown to bits, and I am a completely raw, honest specimen of a human, operating by method of instinct. A little bit scary sometimes to be honest. What is one expected to do with such atrocities and realities?

Oh yeah, and my POOR husband! We seem to have resorted to having our bumps and spats on Blackberry messenger (far more civil that way). I have begun to put an enormous amount of pressure on him! I need to be doted on — now! Poor guy, he just can't get it right. It is not fair.

This little transition — man, it is so deceptive! It just creeps up, and while it is a smooth one for me, and makes sense, I think that it is just slightly more abrasive for everyone around me!

Poor everyone! Poor world, poor moon and stars, sun and wind for putting up with this one single little, (and yet enormous) pregnant lady! Okay, it ain't that bad. I know, there is still some sensibility left in me. However, I am not myself. I read the other day that evidence has surfaced that a woman's brain does in fact shrink while she is pregnant.

That's me. I am so off balance, and foggy, and forgetful. I lost my purse this morning. Thankfully it came back. Don't know if we can say the same for my brain, which, according to the article, does not return to its original size for some women after some pregnancies. (Let's keep our fingers crossed.) Yikes.

Thankfully I have the boys who don't really notice that mommy is so off. We keep talking baby names, ("tweedy bird," "flower" and "waggy tail" to name a few) and they love touching my ever-growing baby belly. They put their beautiful soft feel on my belly in bed, and I hold them on my belly until they feel movement. I don't really know if they can feel anything to be honest.

They came to my latest ultrasound, and I thought that it would be so much fun for them, now that the baby is so much bigger. Lucca just got scared, due to the lights going out when the monitor was turned on, and Rowan was busy playing with his dad, and was more concerned about the jelly the doctor was putting on my tummy, and then his eyes nearly popped out of his head when the doctor was pulling the paper towel out of the top of my pants and he saw my "region." It was such a classic moment. His eyes reminded me of a 60's cartoon character when they suddenly burst out of the sockets.

Rowan saw some photos at the OB's office that day on the walls of newborns immediately after they "came out of their mummy's tummies." He was pretty freaked out by all the blood and umbilical chords and nastiness. He now keeps telling me that he would like the baby to be cleaned off before he comes in to meet him.

Love him. Love them all. Having the two boys already only makes it that much more exciting that we are having another, because I know all the joy and magic and innocence that we are in for.

I couldn't be more thrilled.


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THE CHARITY: Villa Rosa has been serving the women of Manitoba for 110 years. It is a residence in Winnipeg for young, single, expectant women in need, that provides the opportunity to have a healthy pregnancy and to stay in school. They offer programs in decision making, anger management, prenatal classes, parenting programs, adoption support programs, as well as individual counseling and support. All this is offered in a warm and supportive environment with the assistance of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals including teachers, social workers, and early childhood educators. Please see their website for more information.


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