Cause celeb: Jessica Seinfeld's baby buggy

Ontop of hand-me-downs, shower gifts and new baby gifts, we have morethan enough clothes, toys, and equipment for Anya. Not only that, sheoutgrows things so quickly- sometimes before she even has a chance towear them. I’ve realized that not everyone is as fortunate and so hascelebrity mom Jessica Seinfeld.

Perhaps more widely known as Jerry’s wife (and Sascha, Julian and Shepherd’s mommy), Jessica founded Baby Buggy,a non-profit organization, dedicated to collecting and redistributinginfant gear and clothing to families in need. With the slogan of Love.Recycled., they serve over 70 social service programs including the NYCAdministration for Children’s Services, The Partnership for theHomeless, Center Against Domestic Violence, NYC Housing Authority andthe NYC Family, Civil & Criminal Court Child Centers. Since 2002,Baby Buggy has distributed more than one million items (basicnecessities – cribs, diapers, high chairs, shoes, sheets, books, winteritems, clothing and outerwear) to NYC families in need. (Corporatedonations have exceeded a million and a half dollars.)

If you are in New York City, you can donate your gently used baby items but anyone can make a financial contribution. Visit for more information.

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