June 25, 2009 01:00 PM

The glitz and glamour of life on the red carpet was undoubtedly far from the mind of Marlee Matlin last Thursday. The Academy Award-winning actress and her 13-year-old daughter Sarah Rose spent the day volunteering at the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank, packing spinach into food distribution bags bound for local senior citizens.

The experience clearly left a lasting impression; Ever since, Marlee has been tweeting about the work being done by the Foodbank, and urging others to get involved. With 1 in 8 Los Angeles residents currently at risk for hunger, the time is now. Marlee notes that “this year the demand for food assistance has gone up 24% in LA county alone,” and in a later tweet writes,

“Be prepared folks. The problem here will get worse, esp in CA. Budgets are being cut and people will have to go without. We who are fortunate must help.”

Marie Carpenter

Doing so is easier than you think. The Foodbank’s Skip a Lunch, Feed a Bunch program provides four meals for every dollar donated. Donate $10 — what you’ll probably wind up spending on lunch today — and you provide forty meals. What’s more, thanks to a generous matching grant from the Goodman Family Foundation, a gift of $10 will be matched to provide food for 80 meals.

One lunch for you, or lunch for 80 people in need? For Marlee, the answer is simple. After recently “mediating” a squabble between “12 kids who were arguing what to do with Lemonade stand profits,” Marlee tweets: “After much ado, I decided. DONATE!”

In addition to Sarah, Marlee is mom to Brandon Joseph, 8 ½, Tyler Daniel, turning 7 next month, and Isabelle Jane, 5 ½, with husband Kevin Grandalski.

For more information on the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank or to contribute to the Skip a Lunch, Feed a Bunch program, click here.

— Missy

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