Catherine Giudici Lowe Says She Is Open to Adoption for Next Baby: 'Biologically, We're Done'

Catherine Giudici Lowe shares three kids with husband Sean Lowe — sons Isaiah, 3, and Samuel, 5, plus daughter Mia, 2

Catherine Giudici Lowe
Photo: Catherine Giudici Lowe/Instagram

Catherine Giudici Lowe isn't ruling out welcoming another baby into her family — though she has some stipulations surrounding how she would go about doing so.

While chatting with PEOPLE about her partnership with Mrs. T's Pierogies for the second year of its Mrs. T's All-Star Moms campaign, the 35-year-old former Bachelor star also opens up about the idea of having another child with her husband, Sean Lowe.

Noting that she "would probably have 20 children" if she could, Catherine tells PEOPLE, "I love having children, I love being pregnant, I love all the things about it. But at a certain point, it feels a little selfish to continue to add children and not pour back into them."

"So, right now, we're really focusing on our three," she continues, referencing the children she and Sean, 38, share together — sons Isaiah Hendrix, 3, and Samuel Thomas, 5, plus daughter Mia Mejia, 2.

Still, Catherine explains that she and Sean remain open to the idea of welcoming another bundle of joy into their lives sometime in the future, though this time via a different avenue. "We're still kind of looking into adoption, but I think biologically, we're done, sad to say," she shares.

"It actually really hurts to say that, because I love being pregnant and the joy that that closeness brings, but we're going to focus on our babies now. We had them so back-to-back that now, the independence that they've given us and the time that we could breathe, has been really satisfying," Catherine adds. "... [But] if we adopted, I would love to adopt a newborn, just because I love babies."

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Catherine Giudici Lowe
Catherine Giudici Lowe/Instagram

Currently, Catherine has a lot on her plate, raising her three little ones who are all under the age of 6.

Detailing that every part of motherhood is "rewarding because it's a huge responsibility," the reality star says now, however, with her kids being older, "I don't feel as frantic."

"My personality is frantic, but now it's not like survival," she adds. "Everyone's going to be okay. I'm not worried about a baby falling off a couch anymore or getting into stuff."

"It's a different chapter and I'm enjoying it," continues the mom of three.

Catherine Giudici Lowe

Looking ahead, Catherine knows there will be many highs, as well as some lows, as her three children age.

One part of watching them grow that she is not looking forward to, she notes, is the kids' teenage years.

"Boys are going to be different. I'm just scared of going into their rooms, because it can smell really bad," Catherine explains. "12 to 17, I'm not interested in going to their room."

"Then," she adds, "I'm very scared, more terrified, of Mia in her teenage years and what hormones do to young girls. ... I'm anticipating that being a pretty challenging chapter."

Catherine Lowe
Cindy Arthur

Knowing the ups and downs of motherhood, though, is what inspired Catherine to partner with Mrs. T's Pierogies for its Mrs. T's All-Star Moms campaign, which provides support and encouragement for moms to invest in their own hobbies and interests.

Beginning on April 12, the brand will spotlight moms across the country through Mother's Day by giving out $5,000 to three weekly winners in an effort to help fund what they love. The winners, the company says, will also receive a special prize pack. On May 9, Mrs. T's will select one nominated mom and award her with a grand prize of $15,000 and a year's supply of Mrs. T's Pierogies.

"Moms, to me, are just superheroes," Catherine tells PEOPLE. "What Mrs. T's is doing with their All-Star Moms program is supporting and encouraging moms."

"I think that moms should be celebrated, not just on Mother's Day ... but every day," she adds. "I think moms just don't get enough credit, to be honest."

Those looking to nominate an incredible mother in their life for a chance to be showcased as a Mrs. T's All-Star Mom can do so by clicking here.

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