May 17, 2013 06:30 PM

Look who’s back — Catherine Bell

The actress — mom to son Ronan, 2½, and daughter Gemma, 10, with  Adam Beason — stars on Army Wives.

Bell, 44, can also be found online on Facebook and @reallycb on Twitter. 

In her latest blog, the actress fills us in on what she’s been up to since she last wrote in 2011.

Courtesy Catherine Bell

Wow, what a whirlwind it’s been since we last chatted! Let’s see … Where do I start??

Ronan is now 2½! Not a baby anymore. And Gemma just turned 10 (and she has turned out to be the BEST big sister ever — such a help).

(Forehead initials so you can tell them apart!) 🙂

Courtesy Catherine Bell

I just wrapped season 7 of Army Wives! And this last season I moved back to Los Angeles so I was commuting … Whew! It actually wasn’t too bad. I got used to the miles and time changes and because of the new cast members (and needing time to tell their stories and introduce then to the audience), I somehow managed to have a fair amount of time at home doing what I love to do the most: be a mommy!

The kids are happy and well and already used to L.A. My social butterfly Gemma had made a ton of new friends (she was never shy, unlike her momma who was VERY shy as a child, though fortunately I outgrew that!).

Ronan is also very outgoing and talkative. He always has a story to tell. Usually about superheroes or swords. He’s all boy! But with a super-sweet cuddly inside. His new thing is to come running up to me, make me put down anything I’m holding, push my arms out of the way and then — when everything is right — he wraps his arms around my thigh and just holds me in a bear hug for a full minute! Ahhhhh best thing ever!

Courtesy Catherine Bell

It’s been a bit of a juggle between getting used to being back in L.A. and traveling back and forth cross country so much. But somehow it all works out. They’re troopers! And of course they have Dad and grandparents while I’m away.

And when I’m home we make up for lost time. In a big way! Gymnastics and learning to ride bikes and cooking and cleaning (that’s a constant work in progress but sometimes they get really into it). And all the usual little moments that are so special — and you realize it even more when you’re away — bath time, story time (that’s when Ronan likes me to make up silly robot, dinosaur, Spider-Man stories, plus it’s Gemma’s favorite time to tell me about her day, her dreams, her fears, her crush). 🙂 so beautiful. All of it.

And now I’ve been in Vancouver for a few days doing a few episodes of TNTs new show King and Maxwell. Fun tough sassy character! And then back home for more mommy-ness. And getting ready to move to a new house — but that’s not until next month! Plenty of time! Keeps it interesting, that’s for sure 😉

Courtesy Catherine Bell

Okay, more soon!

— Catherine Bell

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