Caterina Scorsone Says 4½-Year-Old Daughter Pippa's 'Vocabulary Is Starting to Blossom'

Caterina Scorsone tells Parents magazine about spending individual time with each of her daughters, also offering an update on Pippa, who was born with Down syndrome

Caterina Scorsone for Parents magazine
Photo: Kat Borchart for PARENTS

Caterina Scorsone loves spending quality time with her girls.

The Grey's Anatomy star, 39, is mom to three daughters — Eliza, 9, Pippa, 4½, and Lucky, 18 months — and in Parents magazine's August 2021 cover story, Scorsone discusses how she carves out individual, one-on-one time with each of her kids.

"I make sure to check in with each individually. Besides, it's more peaceful. If we spend an entire weekend as one pack, there's a lot of fighting and crying!" says Scorsone.

One of her favorite things to do with Pippa is to "go around the neighborhood, walking and talking about her school and about the flowers that we see." Scorsone says her middle daughter, who was born with Down syndrome, is beginning to expand her vocabulary.

"One thing many people don't understand about Down syndrome is the hypotonia, the decreased muscle tone. The musculature of Pippa's mouth and tongue is less developed, so it took her a little longer to develop expressive language," she explains. "But we taught Pippa sign language early on, and sometimes she'll still sign to get her point across."

"Her receptive language has always been strong, so she understands more than many might assume," she adds, "and now her vocabulary is starting to blossom."

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Caterina Scorsone for Parents magazine
Kat Borchart for PARENTS

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Scorsone, who shares her children with ex Rob Giles, also tells Parents that the words she shares with other parents who are raising children who have Down syndrome: "I tell parents new to Down syndrome, 'Congratulations. You hit the jackpot.' "

As Scorsone told PEOPLE back in October, Pippa is "perfect exactly as she is" and "so are you, and so am I. The only way we lose sight of that perfection is to look for it somewhere else."

Reflecting on raising Pippa at the time, the star said her "difference lit a match in my life and in the life of my family."

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"When my daughter Pippa was born, I was scared. I didn't know anything about trisomy 21, the name for the occurrence of a third copy of the 21st chromosome, better known as Down syndrome," she said. "... I didn't know anything. All I knew about Down syndrome was that people were afraid of it, so I figured I should be too."

She explained how she then quickly shifted her perspective, seeing any of Pippa's differences as beautiful individuality like anyone else's unique attributes. Scorsone said Pippa's arrival "cracked open a door in my life" — for the better.

"It suddenly became crystal clear," she said, adding, "There is no standard, objective, perfect human being. The metrics of perfection are arbitrary and imposed in the service of those who fit them. My daughter is perfect. Exactly the way she is."

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