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Updated January 12, 2009 06:00 AM

She’s observed previously that she and husband Andrew Upton make cute babies, and now Cate Blanchett again suggests that their family of five could continue to grow. When asked by the Times Online whether she’d like to try for a fourth child, Cate answered definitively “yes;” When asked if that decision is rooted in a desire to have a daughter, she was quick to clarify, “not necessarily, no.” The 39-year-old actress — already mom to sons Dashiell John, 7, Roman Robert, 4 ½ and Ignatius Martin, 9-months — adds,

Her comments came in London, where she was promoting her new film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The children were asleep in a hotel suite upstairs, with Dashiell and Roman cuddled together in a big bed as Iggy snoozed in the bathroom. Life on the road would be a novelty to most children, but Cate says she keeps indulgences like room service to a minimum. “Look, you can’t be friends with your children,” she explains. “On a film set, they can be so indulged, you need to draw the line.” To that end, Cate says that she’s been careful to only accept roles that will pose the least disruption to her family as a whole. “The release of a film has a lot of travel demands, and there’s a practical concern with children: where is it being shot, how long am I going to be away for, will it work with the children’s holidays,” she says. Asked whether she’s a good mom, Cate replies,

Source: Times Online