September 01, 2016 04:45 PM

Cat Deeley is enjoying life as a new mom to her 7-month-old son Milo. But after he was born, she and husband Patrick Kielty had a slight disagreement over what to call him.

“We did fall out a little bit over the name,” the So You Think You Can Dance host, 39, admitted on Wednesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! “We left the hospital without a name — the baby was just called ‘Baby Deeley,’ which pissed my husband off anyway.”

She continues, “We’d talked about names, and we’d done the Post-it note thing where you come up with different ones and you put them in different orders. And then we’re kind of old for parents, so everybody else has stolen all the good names.”

“And then I thought, ‘You know what? I’ve done the work, I’ve done the nine months, no glasses of wine, no nothing — I’m going to win when it comes down to it.'”

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The kicker? Deeley says she didn’t “win” the baby-name battle at all.

“It got to the stage where we were leaving the hospital — I was crying, I was hormonal, there was a whole thing,” she explains. “Still, he wouldn’t buckle.”

“Because I like quite simple names. I actually like ‘James,’ ” she says, gesturing toward Jimmy Kimmel. “He likes things that are a little bit more out there — he actually loves ‘Val’ — but my thing is he’s gotta have a full name in case he [becomes] a lawyer or a doctor.”

“‘Valkyrie’ would’ve been good,” jokes Kimmel when the twosome agree “Valerie” wouldn’t have cut it for a boy.

“The problem is, my husband’s [last] name is ‘Kielty,’ which is very Irish,” Deeley continues. “So you can’t call someone ‘Valentine’ or ‘Valentino’ Kielty — that does not work. You have to be Italian, right?”

The actress, singer and television personality explains that she and her husband couldn’t agree on a name for an entire week after bringing their son home, before finally coming up with a compromise.

“We weren’t talking to each other — it was awful, it was just horrific,” she admits. “Because everyone says, ‘Oh, when you see them, you’ll know.’ We didn’t know!”

“And then my mom came in as the peacemaker — a bit of a [former British prime minister] Neville Chamberlain — and she [demanded we name the baby by the next day].”

Deeley notes that she had multiple names in mind for a girl — her favorite of which ended up being the name she and Kielty chose for their son.

“[My mom] asked, ‘Well, what would you have called her if [it] was a girl?’ and I said ‘Milo.’ And she said, ‘Where did you get that from?’ and I said, ‘An American in ParisGene Kelly, he has an art-dealer friend and she’s called Milo.'”

“And [Patrick] says, ‘Milo? That’s a guy’s name,’ and [my mom] goes, ‘Yes, as in ‘Venus de,’ ” Deeley continues. “So she said, ‘Why not call him Milo? Milo’s a boy’s name. What do you think?’ So we did all the looking up on the Internet, and he’s an Olympian god/hero who saves somebody — it’s all very nice.”

“It’s a lot of pressure for a baby,” Kimmel jokes.

“It was a lot of pressure for us, seriously!” Deeley replies, joking, “I thought my husband was gonna have to file divorce papers … ‘Baby Deeley, breastfed,’ was all it said on his little [hospital] name tag, poor thing.”

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