"There is only so much microphone and card work you can do in the middle," the mom-to-be says

Cat’s out of the bag, but mom-to-be Cat Deeley almost kept her pregnancy a secret.

“To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t have even announced it to anybody if I hadn’t been doing a live TV show,” the British beauty told PEOPLE at the finale of So You Think You Can Dance Monday.

“I probably would have tried to hide it for a bit longer, but it got to the point where I was like, ‘Ah, I’m live every week.’ And then people grab me and I’m like, ‘Oh no.’ There is only so much microphone and card work you can do in the middle.”

She adds, “I probably wouldn’t have announced it at all, actually.”

Cat Deeley So You Think You Can Dance finale

Adam Rose/Fox

The So You Think You Can Dance host surprised fans when she announced on Twitter earlier this month that she and husband Patrick Kielty were having a baby.

“Exciting news … Paddy and I are so happy to be expecting our first child in the spring,” Deeley, 38, tweeted. “Lucky us.”

Because SYTYCD just wrapped up, Deeley admits that she doesn’t have anything prepared for the arrival of her little one — but she’s not stressing!

“The poor thing will be sleeping in a drawer,” Deeley jokes. “He or she has got a drawer and my mom and dad are going to come over. They’ll help out. It’s all good!.”

Though the Deeley has “felt a bit sick,” she is ready to take on her pregnancy with a positive outlook while, of course, maintaining her fabulous sense of fashion.

“The first week after I announced it, I was like, ‘I am wearing my highest Christian Louboutins this week,’ ” Deeley shares. “I am not going to get mumsy!”

— Christina Dugan