August 22, 2016 11:30 AM

Robert Trachtenberg

Casey Wilson is generally good at making people laugh, but her 15-month-old son Max Red really makes her work for it.

“If I can get a laugh out of him, I feel I’m really at the top of my game,” the star of the upcoming film The Masterpiece, 35, tells PEOPLE. “He doesn’t give it up so easily!”

A bit of physical comedy usually does the trick.

“It’s sort of back to basics with him,” says Wilson. “I did do a little clown work in this bouncy house he was crawling around in. I did some pratfalls, and that seemed to get him — not for long — but I thought, ‘I still got it.’ “

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Wilson’s knack for comedy seems to already be rubbing off on her son.

“He’s in a little bit of a phase where he’s learning the power of getting a laugh, and trying to make my husband [writer and producer David Caspe] and I laugh,” she says. “They’re not sophisticated jokes. I wish he had a more sharpened sense of humor, but I think he’ll get there.

“Right now, he does a lot of falling back on the bed at inopportune times, where he’ll just lock eye contact with you awkwardly and do a backward pratfall,” she adds. “I guess you have to be there to think it’s funny!”

He’s also taken to calling Wilson “Dada.”

“Every time I say, ‘Say Mama,’ he goes, ‘Dada.’ I can’t tell if he quite thinks it’s funny or if he’s trying to be hurtful or if he simply thinks I am Dada,” says Wilson. “I’ll take it.”

The former Happy Endings and Marry Me actress has also found the humor in being a part of the mommy community.

“I’m on this mommy board, and no question is too detailed, no question too small, no time too late to be posting,” she says. “Some of the posts are getting into some real TMI. I’m like, ‘Everyone’s just lost their boundaries! Everyone’s losing their minds!’ But I’m right there with them. So that has provided a lot of comedy for me.”

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