Casey Affleck talks about life on planet parent

Describing parenthood as "far and away the best thing that’s ever happened to me," actor Casey Affleck says he’s still marveling at just how much his life has changed since becoming a dad to his son Indiana August, 3 ½. After recently welcoming a second son, whose name has not been announced, Casey seems more enthralled with fatherhood than ever — and he admits its often difficult to convey the feeling to people who are yet to have children.

[It’s] a little bit like trying to describe to somebody… what life is like on another planet, in another galaxy.  Until you’re sort of there in that other galaxy, then you’ll never really know what it’s like.

Casey, 32, says that he and wife Summer Phoenix were at first caught off-guard by life in that ‘other galaxy,’ and that while family and friends offered well-meaning advice while Summer was pregnant with Indiana, after his birth Casey found himself thinking "why didn’t anyone tell me this is the way it was going to be?" He adds,

It’s been transformative.

For now, Casey is content to enjoy the critical success of his recent films, and the biggest luxury it affords — time at home.

I love being around the house and being with the kids everyday. Being an actor means that, if you’re successful anyway, you can kind of work for three or four months out of the year and then you’re home a lot of the time.

Casey and Summer were married in June 2006.

Source: People

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