During a heartwarming appearance on Wednesday’s The Bonnie Hunt Show, television personality Carson Daly appeared alongside his mom Pattie Daly Caruso, revealing that his newborn son Jackson James, 7 weeks, provided her with motivation to survive a battle with breast cancer ten years earlier. “The whole will to live, really, was for grandchildren,” Carson said. “Today I feel so blessed,” Pattie agreed.

Blessed three times over! Carson’s sister Quinn Daly delivered a baby girl on April 24th, named Katherine Ann; She joins a 3-year-old older sister at home. “[Pattie] used to say to my sister and I all the time, ‘When are you going to have kids? I want grandkids,'” Carson, 35, recalled. “Now she has three grandkids, with two just in the last six weeks.” He jokes,

All kidding aside, Pattie is clearly reveling in her new role. “This morning I [was holding Jackson], and I’m looking at Carson,” she shared with a smile. “That’s the thing they never told me about becoming a grandmother; That it’s just having your children, all over again. It’s so special.”

Jackson is the first child for Carson and his partner Siri Pinter.

— Missy