Carrie-Anne Moss, 39, spoke recently about the aversion some actresses have to playing mothers — an aversion she definitely does not have. This real-life mom to two boys — whom she has never identified publicly but are believed to be named Owen, 3 1/2, and Jaden, 18-months — is comfortable with motherhood, and in turn, playing a mom on-screen.

In her new project Normal, Carrie had to explore the emotions surrounding every mother’s worst nightmare, however — The death of a child. The film is an ensemble piece, featuring characters who each suffer a tragedy and lose their ability to communicate as a result. Carrie’s character was re-written as a pregnant mom to reflect her pregnancy with her second son at the time.

Although she is best known for her role in the blockbuster film series The Matrix, Carrie-Anne — married to actor Steven Roy since 1999 — said she’s happy to now be focusing on smaller-budget films like Normal, which lend a sense of normalcy to her own life with their shorter shooting schedule.